17 thoughts on “March 5, 2021: March… Whatever”

  1. Interesting situation presented itself in the game yesterday: Keon Broxton came to the plate with two outs in the bottom of the seventh with the bases loaded, and Atteberry commented that he had a chance for the walk-off, and that's something that doesn't happen a lot in Spring Training games. But as he was saying that, I was thinking, would it really be a walk-off? Would the Twins continue playing until the third out, since that's what teams have been doing this spring?

    1. Or even more the other way. If he still needs additional development, now he has to wait longer and that could push him past the Super 2 cutoff date.

  2. Right after dark last night the dog got really excited and was acting like she wanted to go out. When Mrs. Twayn opened the back door, a large snowy owl was sitting just a few feet away, perched on the rail of the deck. When the dog ran out the owl flew off to a nearby branch and perched. It then sat there for hours and was still on the limb when I went to bed around midnight. At one point I went into the garage, cracked open the back door and shined a flashlight so I could get a better look. We live right between the river and Elm Creek Park so its not unusual to see various critters in our neighborhood.

    1. Yesterday morning a bald eagle flew right over the woods behind our house after I let the dogs out. Bummed it happened so fast that I couldn't get a picture.

      1. My house is across the street from Lake Geneva in Alex. There is a bald eagle nest on one of the properties across from my house. So, I have witnessed an eagle or two quite a bit over the years, especially if I am out on the lake. Beautiful creatures.

        1. I was driving to Galena, IL a number of years ago and rounded a sharp corner only to find a bald eagle eating some large mess of a formerly living thing. I slowed down almost to a stop and the bird simply didn't care. Eventually a car came from the other direction and the eagle walked to the side of the road and waited patiently as we both drove around its lunch. I think about that experience pretty frequently.

          1. I was working in downtown Hartford a while back, and left my office tower to find some lunch. It was real cold outside (maybe -10F). There was a crowd of people on the sidewalk by the office entry. As I walked up I saw they were in a circle around some scene. A large red-tailed hawk was eating the heart out of a pigeon he had accosted. Even though the people were oohing and aching, the hawk didn't care, and kept devouring the breast of the pigeon.

            1. Where I live it's not at all unusual to see eagles, hawks, pheasants, deer, and even the occasional coyote or fox. I'm not a hunter, but I do love seeing all the wildlife around.

          2. Why were you going to Galena, aside from the fact that it’s an incredibly scenic little town?

            (Had my first visit to the Driftless area this past summer. Can’t wait to get back there. Absolutely gorgeous part of the country.)

            1. There was a very well regarded museum conservation program in Mt. Carroll, IL called the Campbell Center which has since closed / opened / closed / renamed etc, and I had a free day and decided to drive around. I found myself in Galena, and had a hell of a time wandering around the antique shops and enjoying the overall charm of a 19th century mid american town.

  3. If you have Pluto TV app (free tv! but got to sit through ad breaks like a normal tv station) they added a MLB channel in the sports section. Right now Im watching an ALCS game from 1996.

  4. Got my first dose of Pfizer today at CVS.
    1) CVS did a great job with their technology - registration, scheduling, email reminder, in-parking lot app to tell them you are there.
    2) I couldn't believe how quick it went, and when I was sitting there waiting for her to jab me, she said All Set. I didn't feel anything.

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