19 thoughts on “March 7, 2021: Sprout”

  1. I've got a mushroom substrate ready to get going. It arrived right before that cold snap and I didn't want to risk it in such dry air. I'm gonna try to get it going today.

      1. "I would like to be president someday, so no, I've not smoked marijuana. I ate some mushrooms once at a party in college. It was intense. It was kind of indescribable, actually. I felt like I was floating. Turns out it wasn't a psychedelic. It was just an insanely good portabella."

  2. So after a lot of planning, prep and talk, and first round of COVID vaccines, we started our journey on to the Chicken Sandwich wars.

    NBBW picked up some chix Sammies and fries at BirdCode in WeHa on the way home from Liz's (Hair) - Nashville-style Hot Chicken. We both got the Sando (her hot, me medium), fries, and Comeback sauce. My medium was quite hot BTW - a nice Southern burn, probably Cayenne.

    Excellent crunch on the outside of the chicken. Brioche bun, pickles OK. A little heavy on the slaw. I like their font and motto: Respect The Code – Fear The Heat!

    1. We tried the Popeye's sandwiches a few weeks ago and I'll be having that again for sure. My favorite fried chicken ever (after mom's) is Gus's. I had it in Atlanta - twice, on a two day business trip. If I ever get to a Birdcode, I'm definitely having the Naughty Neighbor.

      1. Gus’s is my favorite ‘chain’ chicken by far. I’m blessed to have one in my town, but the local chicken just can’t be beat. (I’ll also give out the love for Popeyes).

        1. I haven't had Gus's, but Bojangles is the winner for me.

          Popeyes is very good, and the best chain available around here, but I'd rather have Bojangles.

    2. New rating category: As A Leftover.
      I only ate half of my BirdCode chicken sandwich originally, but when I went to have the leftovers:
      Disappointing/Disgusting. Barely eatable.

      1. I can't think of any sandwich that ended up being good leftover. Making sandwiches out of leftovers is a different story, but once the bread goes in the fridge, they always seem to go downhill fast.

        I love me some cold, leftover fried chicken, but the thin chicken filets don't last nearly as well, and the bread gets weird and soggy.

  3. I'm hoping to improve my blueberries enclosure to make it taller and a little bit deeper, so I can entertain planting more than just the dwarf varieties (and to be a little more comfortable when I go inside to pick berries)

    1. I'm hoping to actually get a decent tomato crop this year. With three raised beds rather than one, and the soil better amended in the old one, I am very optimistic that this will be the year of bumper crops.

      I am jealous of the blueberries, however. Man, I love blueberries. My parents have a few bushes Up North. They seem to do ok, albeit not as prolific as their raspberries.

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