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  1. Thanks, Bally. What the Twins TV broadcast didn’t need was a CNBC-style ticker for its score bug. Why do we need to see out-of-market, non-MLB game info? Who is betting on sportsbooks and doesn’t have a smartphone?

  2. I am happy the network that shall not be named is still on my cable package at the joint. Can't watch at home anymore, so I guess I will be working more game days. Speaking of game days, the wife and I are considering going to next Sunday's game against Seattle at Target Field. Anyone else going?

  3. My phone has an FM tuner, and it picks up 106.9 out of Dassel pretty well, so I've got it AUX'd into the record player and got the game going that way.

  4. It's been a few seasons since the Twins had a shortstop wearing #9 who can't keep his helmet on his head

  5. Kyle Gibson was spotted a five-run lead in the top of the first, but he has managed to give back 4 runs (including 3 walks) before being yanked after just one out.

              1. I was Reading this Short Line of comments, and I thought, "well, I'll B. & O, that's clever." Then I decided I'd keep it chugging along by Pennslyvaniaing this quick comment.

      1. Anecdotal, of course, but Sano seems to get a lot of bad strike calls against him.

  6. I love the random vocabulary Honest Abe picks up at kindergarten (knowing full well that feeling will quickly change) . When Buxton homered, he let out a "Yeah, baby!"

  7. I expected Donaldson to miss a bunch of time, but please baseball deities, let Buxton play a full season

  8. so, three hits so far for Max. I guess he was just trolling everyone with his spring training slash line.

      1. With the way pitchers are deployed now I agree. Hockey is more fun with 3 on 3 and am glad it's not a slog as players wear out.

        I'd also be fine with ties. Or start the runner on 2nd in the 11th

          1. I swear, the “kissing your sister” analogy destroyed the thought of a simple tie to Americans. Dude, JUST KISS YOUR SISTER AND SHUT UP

    1. Donaldson's injury really hurt there. Obviously would have been better to have Donaldson hitting. If Cave had started the game, then they could have pinch hit for Cave assuming they still had two players on the bench instead of just one.

    1. I blame JeffA and his "we'll just have to settle for 0 - 162" approach to 2021... (I kid, I kid...)

    1. It wasn't a routine play. He left his feet to catch the ball. He should have caught it, but I don't know if I would have scored it an error.

      1. I would have, but people tell me I'm a tough scorer. It wasn't a routine play, but I expect major leaguers to do more than make the routine plays.

        1. the definition of "routine" should be conditioned on the level, with more expected of major leaguers.

          1. I'm going to take time again to advocate for eliminating errors altogether. Baseball has a gazillion easily definable and measurable stats and there's this one that is judged by some guy in a booth.

            1. I'm not sure Statcast even uses errors. It's based on distance and time to get to the ball.

        2. I read that that ball only had a 15% catch probability off the bat. Kepler had such a good jump that he made it look easier than it was.

          1. That's one of the things about scoring errors. On the one hand, you can say he did a good job to get there. But on the other hand, he did get there, and then he dropped the ball.

          2. This is a great response, as a supplement with Beau's comment.

            Yes, please. Let's see more routine judgment of defense based on empirics. A slower defender would never have been in danger of committing an "error".

            Get rid of "unearned runs" while we are at it.

  9. It's been a long time since I've seen a game reverse like that so quickly. The Brewers were absolutely dead in the water with 1 out and none on in the ninth. Even after the hit batter, the Brewers fans barely stirred. The one that made me the most mad was Colome trying to throw out the lead runner. Unbelievably stupid. No chance for a DP. Throw to first base! The week grounder to Sano would have ended the game. I'm just glad there's 162 of these this year.

    The good news was how good the Twins were for 8 1/3 innings, so hopefully that's the real Twins and they were just getting one really horrible inning out of the way.

    1. It's been a long time since I've seen a game reverse like that so quickly

      And here I felt like this was just the perfect exemplar of a MN sports event...

  10. I figured out why that weird ninth inning happened. It was because Buxton walked twice. The Twins are now 1-6 all-time when Buxton walks twice in a game. The last time that happened was 7/4/19. He only walked twice all season in '20.

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