11 thoughts on “April 2, 2021: It Begins”

  1. I know the results of the baseball game weren't what we wanted, but between the Twins and Wild, yesterday was a great day for reminding me what I like about sports. And when we had just gotten done talking about how much less sportsy we all are than pre-pandemic...

  2. All-Star Game being moved out of Atlanta in response to their new voting laws. It will be... interesting to see if this boycott has any effect on the law. That's all I'm gonna say.

  3. Adam Eaton committed a three-base error to allow two Angels to score. White Sox trying to blow a 7-1 lead. Now just 7-6 in the 6th. That error given to Eaton was a lot more difficult a play that the one that clanked off Kepler's glove in the Twins' first game. Eaton ran a lot further, but he did seem to ease up and reached with both hands instead of one. I'm not sure he touched the ball, which would make it unusual to be scored an error for an outfielder.

    1. Second straight night, the White Sox have a one-run lead in the eighth with Angels superstars Trout and Rendon batting and they don't face Sox closer Liam Hendriks. Sox have a lot of good arms in their bullpen and it could work out anyways, but La Russa isn't putting them in the best position to win. I don't think it's just luck that the Twins are 32-18 in one-run games under Baldelli.

    2. After two relievers get two outs and with Trout on second representing the tying run, La Russa intentionally walks Pujols to put the go-ahead run on first and now Hendriks is brought in to face the bottom of the Angels order (or pinch hitters).

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