Game 2: twins @ brewers

Let's try this again, shall we?

As referenced in today's CoC, the day off is stupid, and yesterday, it felt REALLY stupid. I wanted nothing more than a new game to wash out the unpleasantry of opening day. Alas.

JosACE Berrios takes the mound tonight. Hopefully he's sharp, and hopefully another Brewers pitcher tries to sneak strike one by Buxton.

Game 1 was going pretty well up until the ninth. Tonight, with any luck, they can make it through all nine.

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      1. They did that under Molitor (and the Padres do with Machado usually manning shallow right field), but never have with Rocco. I have wondered the same thing.

  1. Number of games that Rogers recorded three strikeouts in 2020: 1.
    Number of games he recorded that in 2019: 7. Plus another three games with more than three versus zero times last year.

      1. When I started learning to catch, I read a few books on fundamentals. One of them went into some detail on tucking your chin on balls in the dirt because of what happened to Steve Yeager. Every time I see someone get hit there, I think of Yeager and the dangly throat guards on the old-school catcher’s masks.

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