22 thoughts on “April 4, 2012: Bunny Day”

  1. Good lord the commenters on Twins Daily posts are whiners. Let Berrios keep pitching! Rocco has no fight in him! Berrios was perfect through 6! (guess they forgot the HBP)

    Glad we can actually enjoy a good game here at the site. Oh, also GOSO, btw

    1. If you can find something to complain about in that game, you should literally just stop following the team.

      Buxton hits an opposite field bomb to break up a no hitter! Berrios cuts the strike zone like a surgeon! Arraez scraps out an RBI! What more are we looking for, here??

      1. I also made the mistake of reading those comments. It just baffles me why people watch sports when their only desire is to rip apart very move the manager makes. It was a great baseball game, and if you have even the slightest knowledge of the science behind protecting arms and not wrecking a pitchers career, you knew that Berrios was not going to get to a 100 pitch count on his first start of the year. Ignorance is annoying.

        1. A hundred pitches still wouldn't have gotten him a complete game. And if Berrios had stayed in the game and gotten injured, the same people would've been ripping Rocco for not taking him out sooner.

          I'm old enough to have an affection for old school baseball, and there is an extent to which I miss it. But if you're going to stay stuck in the past, you're not going to get much enjoyment out of watching the game in the present. And, really, you're only hurting yourself by doing that.

    1. I wonder when's the last time the starting pitcher hit a home run in the first inning. If Otani was in the NL, he'd be the runaway MVP if he just stayed healthy all season. His value will plummet with the universal DH, which seems to be expected to be in the next agreement.

      ESPN announcer says a ball was crushed to right-center and it didn't even get to the warning track.

      1. They're still calling the games off a TV screen, right? I can give him a pass on that. There are many times, watching on TV, I think a ball might have a chance to go out and it turns out to be a routine fly.

        1. 4ltr guy waxed poetic about Walsh and the end of the game for awhile, and there was a small moment of silence. Then ARod randomly piped in with, "A Walsh-off!". Then there was a longer moment of silence and 4ltr guy transitioned to break.

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