Game 3: Twins @ Brewers

Michael Pineda v. Adrian Houser

It's been over 600 days since Michael Pineda took the loss in one of his starts (July 16, 2019 vs. the Mets). You can argue that number is inflated by the general lack of games over that time period, but that wouldn't be any fun.

But in a general sense, Pineda has been incredibly consistently good as a Twin.  In his last 20 starts here's the distribution of runs allowed:

  • 0 starts with 0 runs allowed
  • 8 starts with 1 run allowed
  • 5 starts with 2 runs allowed
  • 5 starts with 3 runs allowed
  • 1 start with 4 runs allowed
  • 1 start with 5 runs allowed

His record is 9-2 in those 20 starts and he's got a 3.17 ERA. Perhaps more importantly the Twins record in those games is 16-4.

Adrian Houser had trouble missing bats last season, and all the projection systems at FanGraphs seem to anticipate that he will be almost perfectly average (4.30 ERA/FIP, 8.0 K/9, 3.0 BB/9).

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    1. In fairness to Dazzle, I hear a lot of announcers say "tonight" during day games. Since most of the games are at night, I guess it just becomes a habit.

  1. Twins win a series on the road and never had one at-bat when trailing. If Colome just threw to first base in the opener, the Twins would have a dominating three-game road sweep of an expected playoff team. That would have been extremely impressive with no DH and Donaldson getting only one at-bat. When Buxton is healthy, I'd really like to see him batting second with Donaldson out.

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