23 thoughts on “April 5, 2021: Oh No”

        1. I guess I don’t feel so bad that the competition is a DH in his age-40 season, an outfielder who has reached 500+ PA once in his career, and a middle infielder with back-to-back off-season ankle surgeries.

  1. My post on Jefferson is up. I saw that some of the edits I added to it last night weren't saved, so I added some changes right away this morning (but since I need to work now, I can't go through it more completely, so it is what it is). If you read it at 7AM, know that I have made some changes.

  2. Mrs Runner and I attended our first in-person church service in a long while, held outside in a large tent. Masks were worn, and distances were observed, and it was great to see several folks in the flesh. Baby steps

  3. I learned from the most recent episode of Effectively Wild that the Japanese baseball term for a “two-way player” is nito-ryu*, which refers to the dual sword kenjutsu fighting style. This, to me, is a far superior term than “two-way player.”

    I have wished for a better term to describe what Arráez does as a floating regular than “utility/super-utility player” or “super-sub.” I think there are guys who are utility players, in that they can play many positions (some possibly even well), but aren’t good enough to be regulars on good teams. Yes, this includes you, Denny Hocking. The early days of hockey featured a “rover,” which has an interesting, DH-like place in the professionalization of hockey. I think “rover” a good technical description of the role a player like Arráez — or César Tovar! — has on a roster, but it’s not as colorful as nito-ryu. Does anyone else have a term they like for this role? (I would be happy referring to it as the “Tovar,” although I don’t think he originated that roster role. Would a Tovar/rover crossed with a nito-ryu be the “Dihigo”?)

    * I have also seen this written as niten ichi-ryu. The Repository’s article on the fighting style uses that term.

  4. Crazy stat of the day. Andrelton Simmons has more walks than Luis Arraez. (5 to 4). Simmons's career high in walks was 47 in 158 games. He has 5 in 4 games right now, and he's batting ahead of Arraez, so it's not like anyone would ever think maybe they should pitch around Simmons to get to Arraez (or even Astudillo on Monday).

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