Weekly Wild Whangdoodle: 20 Games Remain

20 games remain. The end of the season approaches!

Minnesota went 2-1-1 last week, opened a wider lead on the bottom of the division and inched closer to second place in the standings. If they keep having weeks like that, it's going to be a low-stress end to the season.

This week the Wild get 2 games at home against Colorado (Monday & Wednesday)  and 2 on the road in St. Louis (Friday & Saturday).  The games against the Blues might be the more important ones.

Everyone (and by everyone, I mean internet commenters) loves to talk about measuring up against the best teams and getting blown out by the Avalanche caused a fair bit of consternation when it happened a couple weeks ago. But those two games, as disheartening as they were, had almost no effect on the Wild's position in the standings.

The Blues are currently in 5th place (tied with San Jose), so every win against them reduces the playoff magic number two-fold. I'd rather sew up a playoff spot early and rest players.  Winning games against St. Louis is the way to do that.

Kaprizov continues to be amazing. Tune in just to watch him. That's an order.

Current Standings:

  1. Colorado - 54 points (37G)
  2. Vegas - 50 points (36G)
  3. Minnesota - 48 points (36G)
  4. Arizona - 41 points (38G)
  5. St. Louis - 38 points (37G)
  6. San Jose - 38 points (37G)
  7. LosAngeles - 34 points (36G)
  8. Anaheim - 29 points (39G)

Wild Magic Number - 29 points (both St. Louis and San Jose)

30 thoughts on “Weekly Wild Whangdoodle: 20 Games Remain”

  1. Hockey is all up in my face right now at the card shop. (It’s more than a card shop, but I run the card area, so work with me here). Upper Deck Series 2 just came out and the cost of the box is climbing quickly thanks to it being Kaprizov’s first American card. Hockey falls well below baseball and basketball for me, but I’m trying to work in some hockey again what with the excitement of the new kid.

      1. Many, many thousands of them. We have the most in the city anywhere and customers tell us this regularly. Watch our video (Ultimate Collectibles on Facebook) from Friday night. Every Friday we put up a video with all our sports boxes and Pokémon.

        1. Can a person actually acquire packs/boxes from said location? My kids actually play the game, but actually finding cards at anything close to SRP is not too easy these days.

          Also, do you purchase cards? I'm mostly curious about pricing for a few Aquinas pulled... not that he wants to sell, but I'm curious, since I see such wide variance online.

          1. We have tons of boxes and singles. A ludicrous amount.

            Prices are in line with eBay. We’re a wholesaler, not retail. But we have them!

            I do buy large quantities of basketball and baseball cards, and come out ahead because I know what I’m doing on eBay.

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