2021 Game Log 5: Twins at Tigers

Except for one little 9th inning hiccup and a couple of GI issues (oh and Josh Donaldson), I think Twins fans can all be pretty happy the way the season has gone so far. A 3-1 record, Buxton and Cruz hitting bombas, Arraez getting on base at 6.9420 clip, great starting pitching etc. So let's keep it going.

New Twin J.A. Happ on the mound today and the Twins only lefty. Not a big strikeout guy but maybe a good veteran presence. He's certainly been around both leagues a bit. Casey Mize for the Tigers, a former #1 pick who made his debut last year but wasn't spectacular.

After scoring 15 runs yesterday big concern about saving some for today but Twins' bats should match up well against Mize so no worries there. 12:10p start.

Twins Lineup
Arraez - 2B
Polanco - SS
Cruz - DH
Kepler - RF
Rooker - LF
Cave - CF
Sano - 1B
Astudillo - 3B
Jeffers - C

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  1. Obviously I wasn't paying attention, but today I was thinking, what happened to Gardy? Now I understand that he quit before the year was over. Huh. I hope he's doing okay.

    1. Dick brought up Hrbek’s power hitting yesterday, but said he would need the stat guy to give him the total. For a guy who has been broadcasting for the same team as long as he had, I thought that was odd.

      1. Yeah, though not everyone's brain is good at retaining numbers. It would be weird if he was good though at numbers and didn't have that stat memorized.

  2. Dazzle is both calling the game via television and broadcasting a Joe Mauer batting practice session live at Target Field and critiquing the defense

  3. When you're the visitor, you've got to find a way to at least score one in the top of the tenth. It puts too much pressure on your pitcher in the bottom of the tenth when you don't. Maybe Robles can hold them, but it's a tough task.

  4. Twins pitchers have yet to allow a run and be credited with a loss in a game this year. I think it was interesting that the Twins were very cautious with Polanco trying to score from second on a ground-ball single but were aggressive with trying to score on a contact play later in the inning. I think it shows the Twins are willing to trade base runners but not willing to risk outs. If Polanco is throw out trying to score from second, that's giving the Tigers an out on the bases. When he was thrown out trying to score on the grounder, he wasn't giving away an out, but he was giving away a runner at third. With two outs, instead of runners at second and third, the Twins at runners at first and second. Of course, on a contact play, you don't know if the Tigers might have a chance to turn two (unlikely with Buxton batting). The reward is also greater on that play for the risk because if the Tigers come home and don't get Polanco, the Twins avoid an out and gain a base runner. It also forces the Tigers to make a more difficult play to get an out, where they have to tag the runner instead of just getting a forceout at first base.

    What frustrated me was seeing Garlick pinch running instead of pinch hitting for Kepler against a nasty lefty. Garlick is not on this roster for his speed and defense. He's up here to mash lefties.

    1. I guess they do give the pitcher an unearned run when the courtesy runner scores. That really sucks, even though it doesn't show up in ERA. But still, the only Twins losses have come on courtesy runners scoring.

  5. I dont mind the free runner in extra innings, but wish they would start it after the 11th.

    Twins need to treat extra innings like its overtime hockey, be super aggressive.

      1. We don't actually know what would've happened if Polanco had held third, but if Simmons strikes out anyway (as he did), Polanco getting thrown out really doesn't matter. What hurt them is that they had men on first and third with none out and the next three batters couldn't get the ball out of the infield. Two of them couldn't even put it in play.

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