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      1. Yeah, that one didn't make much sense to me. Even if you don't have a position player that you think is ready, sometimes you just need someone you can put in the field.

  1. Vaccine update: wife and I got the Johnson and Johnson shot yesterday at noon. At about P +11 hours we both experienced what I would categorize as a robust immune response. We felt pretty much fine throughout the day, but at bedtime we both had some serious chills for about four hours, followed by feeling overheated for the rest of the night. Not much sleep for either of us, and dragging ass this morning.
    The shot itself stung more than any vaccination I can recall, but the injection site and that arm were pretty much fine.

    1. Congrats! I hope you're good going forward.

      I received my second Pfizer on Monday. About 24 hours later I was lethargic and had an ongoing headache. Avoided taking medication just in case it suppressed the desired immune response. I was still feeling crappy at bedtime last night, but was able to get to sleep. Feel pretty much 100% this morning.

    2. When I got the J and J I mainly felt tiredness and joint pain. A number of people got the Johnson here and had a variety of symptoms. From full on sickness to minor complaints.

    3. I got my J&J shot on Monday morning, very little side effects. My arm was kind of sore yesterday when I woke up, and I got outrageously tired last night at 7 and napped for a few hours. Mind you I had an all-timer bad IBS flare up on Monday, so any other issues I may have been having I didn't notice because of that. So far, so good other than that though.

    4. I've heard that it's important to be well hydrated when you get your vaccination as it can mitigate some of the side effects. I'm scheduled for next Monday, so I'll be drinking all weekend.

  2. got my new Kensington Pro Fit Ergo keyboard installed the other day. Yuge relief on my wrists. But it came with a right-handed ergo mouse (I guess I forgot to specify to my support staff person doing the ordering). So I ordered a left-handed mouse. It works great, except that it doesn't seem to work off of the same USB fob. Boo. Anyone know how to fiddle with the settings so that I can get both devices attuned to the same 2.4 Ghz signal? The keyboard (but not the left-handed mouse?) alternately can run off of Bluetooth. Would that work without the fob?

    I mean, I guess I could test. But why not ask the dumb questions first?

      1. Yes. I had my new keyboard on Bluetooth until my computer decided it was too cool for Bluetooth so I have it on my univfying receiver along with my mouse and my work keyboard.

  3. The Boy and his s.o. both got their first dose (of Moderna?) at Dodger Stadium a couple days ago. Very good news. California doesn't officially "open up" to 16+ until next week, but some locations have already done so, Because Supply > Demand.

  4. I made the mistake today of asking a co-worker who is about my age if he had gotten his vaccination yet. He told me that he "identified" as vaccinated and proceeded to spout off on another topic and yes, it's the one you think it is.


    1. We've made the mistake of asking a couple neighbors if they had an appointment...thankfully we were walking dogs so I could just say we needed to get them home.

      It is really easy to just answer the question and not pivot to some other topic.

      1. I've basically stopped interacting with my next door neighbor since he, let's just say, went off the deep end a couple years ago. Fortunately, the people I do interact with on a daily basis are highly pro-shot. I'm getting my second on the 16th and I'm glad it is on a Friday.

  5. Been driving a vehicle since I was 15 and it only took 26 years before I was involved in an accident. Not my fault for I was turning and a young girl smacked right in the back of me. But my momentum carried my into a plumbers van that was at the stop sign. Surprisingly my vehicle was the only one that could drive away.


    1. Glad you’re okay, dw. I hope everyone was insured, and that your car can be repaired.

      My first accident behind the wheel was nearly fatal. I was driving my stepdad’s ‘77 Volvo 242 and was T-boned by Ford Expedition that ran a flashing red at 55mph. If I’d jack-rabbited or that car had a bit more pep than its 377,000 miles allowed for, I would’ve been hit in the driver’s door instead of square in the left front wheel. I’ve never looked at red lights the same, and seeing them run still makes me angry.

      1. My first and only was shortly after I turned 17, and it was my fault. I turned left in front of someone and they broadsided me. I think they were speeding but I had no way to prove it, and hey, I cut them off. They had a 94 Ford Taurus and I had a 79 Oldsmobile (all steel). Thankfully, no injuries. My insurance was very high until I turned 21

        1. I've had two accidents and ended up with a totaled car both times.

          The first was in my 87 Ford Escort EXP and a girl pulled out in front of me and I had nowhere to go. Once the body shop noticed the frame was bent, it was lights out for my first car.

          The second (about 14 years ago) was my fault, couldn't see a second car coming during a heavy snowstorm and proceeded to try to turn left. The less-than-a-month old Sienna was absolutely obliterated by a K5 Blazer, very thankful for modern safety.

          1. That's why "they don't build em like they used to" is fighting words in my book. We bought a 2016 Kia Sedona a few months ago and, holy crap are there safety features in that thing.

          2. My accidents (2?) were both single-car. One I fell asleep at the wheel at about age 17, woke up when I hit the rumblestrips, overcorrected and fishtailed into the big grass median, hit a sign, busted off the side-view mirror. I was roofing at the time, and when I got to work I looked down from the roof and saw that the sign I'd hit must have flown up and cut a giant gash in the roof of the van.

            The other one a deer jumped on my hood.

    2. It ain’t so great when you are at fault either. My brother slid down a hill that had a curve at the bottom and hit a woman driving up the hill. He broke his ankle and various lesser injuries and then it was his fault so his insurance company got sued.

      The most important part is that you are okay.

    3. Three here. I was NOT a good driver at first and essentially totaled both my parents’ cars within a week. There was no reason to believe I’d survive the first year, but within a year or so I became what I’d consider a well above average driver.

      The third was in a Wells Fargo parking lot. Two of us were pulling out opposite each other; I was first, the other guy didn’t see me, and he hit me. He was at fault, admitted it and onlookers did the same. Turns out he was driving his boss’s car, and was terrified of the truth and told his boss it was my fault. The thing dragged on for a while as truth eventually came to light and the boss, who was indeed a dick that I would have probably lied to as well, derisively says to me “I guess you’re off the hook.” I figure I’m never going to interact with him again, so I managed “I was never on the hook in the first place, dipshit” before I hung up.

      I do think about the young guy from the accident. I hope he got out of that place.

    4. I've never been in anything more than getting lightly bumped with zero damage. The only time I was involved in anything that got totaled was when I got hit by a car riding my bike (I was dumb and on the left hand sidewalk and she was turning right). I strained some neck muscles and my wheels were mangled, but other than that, no injuries. She was in high school so I didn't want to call the police. Unfortunately her dad was a huuuuuuge asshole and tried to demand I pay for her damaged bumper. Small claims court took care of me getting paid for my wheels.

      1. I was dumb and on the left hand sidewalk and she was turning right

        trying to map this out and... [shoulder shrug]

        you were heading toward her on the passenger-side sidewalk? or away from her on the passenger-side sidewalk?

    5. I've been in a few fender benders in parking lots, but as far as accidents, I was rear ended in a hit-and-run while driving my best friend in my dad's car when I was 18 or 19. My wife and I also got into a couple single-car accidents while driving our 4-wheel pickup from Idaho to Minnesota for our first Christmas together. Both happened in Montana. We were driving on a snowy road when my wife slammed on the brakes to avoid an elk. We slid off the highway and did a three-quarter roll into the ditch. Fortunately, it was so snowy, there was no damage. We had to hitch a ride to the next town and call for a tow truck. The guy winched the truck out of the ditch, set it on its wheels, we collected all our stuff that had fallen out of the back and were able to continue. We found a motel that night, and then the next day, I found an icy bridge on the freeway and slid into the guard rail. We got a dent in the fender, but then continued on for a couple miles before the engine stalled. We had to walk half a mile back to the previous exit in near zero temps and call for another tow truck. We got towed to the nearest shop open on a Sunday. They got it inside the garage and were able to start it after it warmed up. All they did was add water to the battery and a quart of oil to the engine. They figured with the two accidents, some water got into the fuel line and froze. They garage only charged us for the quart of oil. Needless to say, we never again drove to Minnesota in the winter.

      The worst accident I was in was a couple years later when I was driving home after midnight from work when I was a sports reporter. An old man was driving the wrong way on the freeway. I was in a little Ford Fiesta and slid into the back of a pickup that was hit by the old man. The back of the pickup was up high enough that it mainly just crumpled the hood, but that was enough for the insurance to total it. I made the man's insurance give me enought for it to pay off the loan on it. This was just a few weeks before we were moving to California, so instead of buying another car, we borrowed a minivan from my in-laws in Washington. I had to take a bus to Washington and then drive the minivan back by myself since my wife had already driven to SoCal to start her teaching job. They were on year-round schedule then and she was hired just a few weeks before she had to be there, so she went and taught for three weeks before she had a three-week break. She found a house for us to rent, then flew home, and then we moved during her break. We drove a rental moving van and the minivan to Washington to drop the minivan at the in-laws and then after a couple days, drove to SoCal.

      1. slid into the back of a pickup that was hit by the old man What color was the pickup?

        This was just a few weeks before we were moving to California, so instead of buying another car, we borrowed a minivan from my in-laws in Washington Are they into FADS?

  6. One actual collision. I made the mistake of going through a green light and got hit in the front left (driver's side) corner by a driver making a left turn. This was back in 1987 in Arlington, as we were driving home from the grocery store. My first car, which I paid $1,500 for when I graduated from the Alma Mater in 1986. (a well-used Honda Civic with a bit over 100k on it, but with an engine block that had been replaced at 60k)

    Her insurance tried to claim that my car was only worth a few hundred dollars. My father-in-law (a lawyer, who knew the Va Insurance Commissioner), wrote a very supportive letter. We ended up settling for $1,000 and they got my car, which was not safely driveable. I also had to be sure to attend her traffic court case, costing me a day off from work.

    1. Our other accident was with the Mrs driving to work a few years back. She was stopped at a red light. High school kid looking at his cellphone rear-ended her, totaling her car. Nobody injured, but tears were shed by her for her handmedown beemer.

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