50 thoughts on “April 8, 2021: I’m On My Way”

                    1. See, the obscure reference I get right away, it's the obvious that gives me trouble.

  1. Speaking of bad ads, there's one on the radio here where you can buy(?)/lease(?) a car "for one dime and not a penny more! " Wait, now you say it's $0.11? Nope, sorry, that's just too much, I only expected to pay a dime.

  2. Frozen Four Semifinals:
    SCSU v. Minnesota State @ 4:00 p.m. CDT (ESPN2)
    UMD v. Massachusetts @ 8:00 p.m. CDT (ESPN2)

    The Bulldogs and Huskies are both underdogs.

    1. I didn't see any side effects for my first, but I'm (we) are at the low end of the age spectrum. My #2 later today. (Not blue pill). Second shot is worse across the board (and it should be). Pfizer is harder on women swollen lymph nodes which is never fun , and something acendontal is about a 50-70% significant reaction to the second dose in hospitals in the Twin Cities. Also, If you've had covid (whether you know it or not) the second dose strikes harder.

        1. So, I've heard from multiple people that, if you have a stronger reaction to the first shot, that means you already had it. And if you have a stronger reaction to the second shot, that means you didn't. My wife and son were laid out by the first shot, whereas I had no symptoms and it was the easiest shot I've ever had. Anyhoo, we are scheduled for Moderna #2 in two weeks.

          1. I think it's mostly platitudes to make help who have a strong reaction feel better that the vaccine is taking hold well -- a body is going to react how a body reacts.

            I have Moderna #2 on Monday, so I reserve the right to change my thoughts on that.

          1. Thanks to a painfully bid process from local vendors, the new patio is now slated to be finished somewhere between June 10 and 15. But the good news is the project is a done deal.

  3. Twins lineup today against a lefty has Cruz batting third and Buxton fourth. I guess Rocco wanted to get Cruz's speed in front of Buxton's power. I do like having Cruz and Buxton batting consecutively, but I would have preferred Buxton batting first or second to get him more at-bats.


    1. Cruz has hit third in every game he’s started this season, so that’s not so unusual. With Polanco leading off, Sanó in SanÓ mode, and Garver scuffling, Buxton’s the logical choice to hit behind him against a southpaw.

  4. zooomx, kudos on your intestinal fortitude to wade into the Bookface swamp to say something measured and reasonable in the company of a couple of real trolls.

    1. Yeah, the guy I responded to has been taking pot shots at me on social media multiple times. I personally don't know him, but he seems to be a friend of some of my friends. I truly do want to meet him and chat, as I have found I possess an ability to talk common sense into some of the crazier people in my neighborhood. Honestly, I don't know what some of these yahoos expect me to do. I am proud that other area residents have swooped in to stick up for us. I do know that arguing at length on social media never really changes everything, but... get me face to face with someone and change can happen.

      On another note, our senior senator was awesome! She took notes as we spoke and mentioned several bills that she is co-sponsoring with republican senators. She seems driven to work on legislation that has a chance of bipartisan support and I sense she represents all her constituents and not just her party. I admire her for that.

      Thanks bS for the shout out.

  5. I just signed up for youtubetv to watch UMD win tonight. I was really, really hoping for a UMD Mankato state for the family text thread to get sincerely salty but, oh well, I'll settle for a Bulldog Championship.

    1. As an alumni of SCSU, I was happy to see them win their match up. I was rooting for the Bulldogs in the other game as my daughter goes to school at UMD and the smack talk was already in full form. One of my local buddies is an alumni of UMass, so I do get to fling some his way instead.

    1. More Minnesota than 41-donut or the Brett Favre loss to New Orleans (12-men on the field penalty with 19 seconds to go and a tie game, then a Favre interception, blowing a chance at a game-winning figgie). Or the Gary Andersen doink?

      I mean, missing a title when you have 3 of 4 frozen four teams would be impressive. But there is so much to choose from.

      1. Yes, and I would not say that any of the teams were overwhelming favorites going into the Final Four. UMass has a good squad (that I hate intensely).

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