2021 Game 13: Boston Red Sox at Minnesota Twins

Game Time  12:10pm CDT

After dropping the first three games of a long home series with Boston to extend their losing streak to four, the Twins will try to right the ship today and avoid the sweep. Big Mike Pineda takes the ball for the Twins while Boston trots Garret Richards out to the hill. Two weeks into the season and I have yet to see more than an inning of any Twins game, but I'm really liking the retro feel of listening to the game on the radio while I clean the garage or rake out the lawn. Until the middle innings roll around and Dazzle does the play by play, at least. Play ball!

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      1. They should just eliminate wins altogether. Maybe show a team's record when a pitcher starts, but other than that, it's pretty meaningless. I think if the win stat was eliminated, there'd be a lot less blown leads in the fith inning because managers are trying to get a win for the starter by letting him finish the fifth inning. That doesn't happen nearly as often now as it did 5-10 years ago, but I still think managers are trying to avoid pulling a starter in the fifth inning, even if he's facing a threat for the third time through the order.

  1. Indians beat the White Sox and split four games in Chicago despite being no-hit yesterday. Twins tied with the White Sox and just 1.5 games behind the Indians and the Royals, who host the Jays later tonight. Wouldn't take much for the Twins to get back into first place despite the five-game losing streak.

    The Twins lost 5 games at home on this homestand after losing only 7 of 31 home games last season.

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