2021 Game 14: Twins vs. Angels of Some Multiple Locations

Your Minnesota Twins are back on the road tonight, opening their much-needed (apparently) road trip in California. Lewis Thorpe will be pitching for the Twins against Andrew Heaney for LA, and I really don't know what to expect. Some health might really help this team. Some reasonable bullpen performances would be great too.

Game time is 8:38. So watch the first 5 innings and go to bed before the bullpen blows the lead, because you should get some good sleep and you don't want to see that anyway.

Sorry, it's hard not to be a cynic right now, even after that walkoff win.

23 thoughts on “2021 Game 14: Twins vs. Angels of Some Multiple Locations”

  1. I don't have much confidence in Lewis Thorpe, but anyone who has the ability to be there at all has the ability to pitch a good game once in a while. And they're probably only looking for four or five innings out of him, so maybe it will work out.

  2. If the Angels didn't have good luck tonight on balls in play, they'd have none at all. First two runs scored on a four-hopper between infielders and then the sixth starts with two bloops in front of Trout, who hits a ground ball for a base hit past a drawn-in infield, although why we're pitching to Trout with first base open there, I have no idea.

  3. Angels were 6-for-9 on balls in play against Dobnak, and really none of them hit very hard other than Trout's groundball single through a drawn-in infield. He got 7 outs, 4 on strikeouts. The other five hits were less than 90 mph, and only one was a line drive. The rest were two flares and two ground balls.

  4. Epic game in San Diego against the Dodgers. Padres with two in the eighth to tie it and then both teams get a run off the closers in the ninth to send it to extra innings. Machado looked like he hurt himself while working a walk on a check swing and then stole second, took third on a wild pitch, and then scored on a single. Machado looked like he was dropping a shoulder as he jogged in from third to tie the game, but he's still in the game in the 10th.

      1. Padres again get gift runner to third and again strike out twice to leave him there. This time Wil Myers took a fastball for strike three from David Price to end the inning. On to the 12th.

        And Corey Seager hits a home run on the first pitch from a sidearming lefty. Dodgers up by 2. Padres are on their 8th reliever.

        1. Dodgers keep hitting, the Padres commit an error on a double-play ball, and suddenly, it's 9-6 with the bases loaded and one out and the Padres are forced to bring in infielder Jake Cronenworth to pitch. First pitch is grounded to first and Cronenworth forgets to immediately cover, so another run scores on the infield hit and then a sac fly to make it 11-6. So of course Cronenworth strikes out Mookie Betts with an 89 mph sinker to end the inning.

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