21 thoughts on “April 18, 2021: Baseball-less Sunday”

    1. I hope that's the situation for us. I inadvertently scheduled both of ours on consecutive days rather than a day in between to allow for someone to fully recover before the other falls ill.

  1. We planned our whole evening around watching the Twins game. Had a fridge full of cold beer. Made some killer sandwiches - grilled chicken breast, bacon, Swiss cheese and BBQ sauce on lightly toasted brioche buns, with Cajun crowns (crispy crown potatoes with Cajun seasoning) on the side. At least the dinner and drinking didn't get postponed. Since we finished Poldark last week, we watched the first couple of episodes of Ginny and Georgia. It's got a darker edge than I was expecting based on the promos.

  2. Twins-less, but not quite baseball-less here. Both Aquinas and Neitzsche have their second practices of the year, and I'm helping with both teams.

    1. I have completed a code of ethics and a concussion training course, but have yet to complete the background check (mainly because the parks have yet to actually send me the form despite them saying it was in a website—it was not— and saying it was attached to an email —it was not) so I'm not yet officially able to coach.

  3. Mr. NaCl took the peperoncino to Play It Again sports to get a baseball mitt this morning. This kid had a season of t-ball after kindergarten and nothing last year (canceled due to the pandemic), so he doesn't remember much. He kept trying the mitts on his right hand and had to be told to switch them to the left.

    1. Not at all uncommon at that age. Trey is right-handed and kept trying to swing left-handed in T-ball. We gave up trying to have him bat right-handed, and he swings left-handed and throws right-handed to this day, which is an advantage for him now that he's in high school, although he only played a few games in high school last year before his season was canceled before we moved, and his new school doesn't have a baseball team, although there's talk of a coach from his school doing a summer league team this year.

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