2021 Game 17: Minnesota Twins at Oakland Athletics

Kenta Maeda
Frankie Montas

The Twins last scored a run on Friday of last week. A few games weren't played over that time but more than zero were played. Berríos did his part yesterday. I'm hoping Maeda can do the same today with the assbats sacrificed in a glorious bonfire before the game.

Arraez - 2B
Donaldson - 3B
Cruz - DH
Buxton - CF
Polanco - SS
Astudillo - 1B
Cave - LF
Rooker - RF
Jeffers - C

101 thoughts on “2021 Game 17: Minnesota Twins at Oakland Athletics”

  1. I really like the top half of the lineup, at least the first four. The rest is cover your eyes and pray they get on base enough to bring Arraez up again ASAP.

  2. I like Hawkins, but he's nowhere near as good as Morneau at keeping Dick in check.

  3. Cave is now tied with Sano in K's in 6 less PAs. That was probably the most plausible way he could reach base.

    If only there was a left-handed hitting corner outfielder that can actually hit on the 40-man roster.

  4. If This Week in Baseball was still on, that Josh Donaldson play would be in the blooper reel

    1. The team had him playing farther back to give him less time to build up speed before crashing into the wall.

  5. Rogers's PAs: double, hard lineout, single, GIDP, groundout, strikeout, strikeout, strikeout. Everyone a little rusty yesterday and today.

  6. Sorry, was busy:

    Oof, this team is no longer very much fun to watch.
    Fun to watch again!
    Oof, this team is no longer very much fun to watch.
    Fun to watch again!
    Oof, this team is no longer very much fun to watch.
    Fun to watch again!

  7. Dude in audience is saying "Hey Blue, it hit the ground!"

    Foul tip - bad call.

  8. Reminds me of a paraphrase of the great Gaetti quote:
    Hard to throw the ball with both hands around your neck

    1. Exactly. I just saw the "highlight", and that was one of the worst throws I've ever seen.

  9. Given his personality and the pass he’d hopefully get from the A’s, I really hope Donaldson flat out Koskie’d some furniture in the visiting clubhouse this evening.

      1. I’m on the record with my opinion on the Manfred rule. I can say by way of update that my second vaccine did not produce any side effects relevant to that opinion.

        1. Frankly, I blame Simmons. Which, if I'm being fair, based on the inferences I'm making from his statements, means I probably blame a long history of atrocities that have contributed to his views.

          1. I worry for the guy’s mental health, both for the context he’s revealed and the glimpses he’s provided into his judgment. I wonder what kind of clubhouse reception awaits him; there’s a strong pressure to constantly refocus on the next game, but he’s something of a Typhoid Mary figure now, by his own hand.

            And yes, a long history of atrocities certainly plays its own role here. His opinions didn’t take root because aliens planted them while he was sleeping.

  10. Lost in the horrors of the final half-inning was the spectacular game Buxton had with a spectacular catch in the 6th to preserve a one-run lead and going 3-for-6 with a double and a home run, including a go-ahead home run in the 10th. Check out Buxton's HR log this season

    2R HR Top 7 with a 1-run lead
    1R HR Top 7 in tie gm (first team hit)
    1R HR Top 8 trailing by 1
    1R HR Bot 5 3-run lead
    2R HR Bot 5 4-run lead
    2R HR Top 10 in tie gm

    Somehow, the Twins have lost four of those games. He really is becoming Mike Trout.

    1. 1R HR Top 7 in tie gm (first team hit)

      The is the only run and only 1 of 8 hits Corbin Burnes has given up this year

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