2021 Game 18: 3.14-rats at Twins

Sano is on the IL. Various other players are still dealing with Covid stuffs. We're all frustrated at the way this team has played.

One of the more demoralizing aspects, for me at least, is it feels like the Twins don't exactly have a brilliant minor league system. Maybe it has some depth, but it seems like it is lacking that bonafide gonna be a star player. For a while that was supposed to be Gordon, and, honestly, I'm hoping the kid surprises and sees a lot of success in the bigs. I feel like Kiriloff will be a reliable player, so that makes Gordon the bonus call up here. Maybe we'll get a nice surprise.

Meanwhile, keep watching this Buxton fella, would you? He seems like he might be talented.

Pitchers tonight are J.A. Happ and JT Brubaker, and I guess the two of them might need to have a conversation about punctuating intitials.

Let's hope the Twins put their complete game together after the road trip and off day and covid disasters and injuries and general ineptitude.

25 thoughts on “2021 Game 18: 3.14-rats at Twins”

  1. I watched the game delayed. I hadn't even started yet when my dad called to tell me he hoped Happ would get his no-hitter. "Oh, no. They just got their first hit." I made him not tell me anymore. Once the game got to Duffey, I couldn't bear the thought of watching another blown lead, so I just looked at the final score. That's one advantage of mlb.tv over Uzzo, but I'll live with live-only games once my mlb.tv subscription runs out this year.

  2. I was the jinx last night. I left work, stopped at the local brewery, and looked up at the TV and said out loud. "Huh? Happ has a no hitter going". Literally, 3 seconds later the no hitter is broken. Sorry y'all!

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