9 thoughts on “April 23, 2021: Kirilloff The Thrill”

  1. Mrs. Twayn and I watched I Care a Lot last night. If you're looking for a movie without a single character you can root for, this is just the ticket. But I still enjoyed it because the premise was compelling and the acting was quite good. Diane Wiest is just a treasure.

    1. We watched it a few nights ago, by which I mean my wife watched it and I fell asleep.

      That's not a dig on the movie, though. She liked it, and I can't seem to stay awake long enough after the kids go to bed to watch anything anymore. Even when we try to watch shows and movies I'm super into, there's a reasonably good chance I'm going to sleep through at least part of it.

      1. That's my problem lately. The TV comes on and sooner or later I'm dozing, even through something I've been waiting all week to watch.

  2. Blankenhorn and Telis optioned to alternate site as well. Nick Gordon and Tzu-Wei Lin added to 26-man roster. Kiriloff is batting fifth behind Buxton. Cruz still in there. Gordon and Lin are not.

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