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2021 Game Log 22 — MN Twins at Cleveland Baseball Club

Oof. Another frustrating loss and now they are starting to pile up and the SSS factor is slipping away. The Twins have been wielding the assiest of ass bats lately with no one without the name Cruz or Buxton on the back of their jerseys having any success at the plate whatsoever. Combine that with a bullpen that coughs up leads faster than my dog coughs up dead squirrel and you've got a team with twice as many loses as wins.

Kenta Maeda on the mound for the Twins and lets' hope a nice recovery from last weeks lousy outing. Civale for Cleveland and he's had a decent year, not a big strike out guy so hopefully the Twins can put some balls in play today. 5:10p start time

Twins Line Up

2B - Arraez
3B - Donaldson
CF - Buxton
DH - Cruz
LF - Kirillof
1B - Astudillo
RF - Cave
C - Garver
SS - Simmons

Hey Simmons back in the lineup!

56 thoughts on “2021 Game Log 22 — MN Twins at Cleveland Baseball Club”

  1. I was just going to write that the Twins had their two runs, so it was up to Maeda and the bullpen to hold the Indians. The game was tied before I could finish the sentence.

  2. Civale went to school at Loomis Chafee, a prep school in Windsor, CT on my long-distance biking route.

  3. This team is not very good at baseball. Imagine thinking a few months ago that there was depth.

  4. I predicted a down year, but the Twins can't possibly be as bad as they've been playing lately. Maybe I'm projecting my own feelings onto them, but it just feels like they have a total lack of confidence right now. It feels like their batters don't expect to get key hits, their pitchers don't expect to put up a zero when one's needed, their fielders don't expect to make big plays. It feels like they think they're beaten before they start.

  5. We can still root for Buxton, at least. It's kind of like the mid-70s Twins, when no matter how the team played, we could still root for Rod Carew.

  6. I thot they were being too clever keeping Civale in there so long. Buxton Rules!

  7. Haven't checked with the court astronomers, but are we due for a Colomoscopy?

    1. Usually you need to plan your Prep, tweak the Diet, perform the Fast, and then the Purge.

  8. Why are we doing this every time? Loading the bases and then the inevitable Crain-Wreck.

  9. Rocco has to be the only person in baseball who thought it was a good idea to leave Colome in the game with the bases loaded.

  10. It's going to turn out Colome has been pitching injured because that seems like the most logical conclusion to his pitching this year.

  11. I just keep coming back to one recurring question, “How does a team that knocked out a 101 win season 18 months ago become this!?!”

      1. Good call - that drop off in production by Pavanostache from 2010 to 2011 and injuries to key players look a lot like Kenta (so far) from 2020 to ‘21 and missed games by players we expected to see everyday.

    1. I had a long drive listening to the Twins tonight, and the thing that really struck me is that at no point in the game did it feel like the team had any chemistry. I know intangibles are so irritating to credit sometimes, but I think there is something to them. There's clearly a ton of talent on this team, but they don't seem to be having any fun. I don't know if that can get turned around or not.

      1. They certainly aren’t very locked in. Tough to enjoy yourself when every day a different one of your teammates does something to hurt your chances to win a game - errors, bad pitching, poor (or at least suspect) managerial decisions ... inconsistent to low-quality at-bats.

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