72 thoughts on “2021 Game 23: Minnesota AAA Twins at Cleveland Baseball Team”

  1. It's time for some positivity! THE MINNESOTA TWINS ARE GOING TO WIN THIS BASE BALL GAME!!!!!!!

    1. Not that correlation always relates to causation, but the last time I watched the Twins regularly was before FSN cut off Sling TV midseason 2019. This is the first game I've watched this year.

      Logical conclusion to Twins: make games more accessible!

  2. Twins had three home runs total against LHP entering today. They were flailing with a .210/.310/.338 slash line.

    1. At least Garver runs into one once in a while. Jeffers has been completely lost. I'd sure like to see Astudillo get some chances to catch, especially when Sano returns and Astudillo won't be needed at first base much.

  3. 2Bux was sliding into second while Rosario was throwing the ball back in. Amazing.

  4. I had to run an errand at lunch so I thought I'd turn the game on the radio in the car. Tuned to my 5 state superstation in Yankton, SD and got the midday farm market report instead. The market report takes precedence over baseball and the game will be joined in progress after the market report is done.

          1. It might have been JI

            JIM THOME that dropped that. I suppose I could give him the benefit of the doubt.

      1. Are they announcing from different locations? It sounds like a Zoom meeting where no one knows when to talk because there's no body language cues.

          1. They showed them at one point and it looked pretty clearly like they were separate. Also, Jim says "You know" too much and, somehow, Dick makes Hawkins better.

    1. MLB really needs some system of disciplining umpires. I know, they have to deal with the union, but stuff like that shouldn't happen.

        1. Yes. You can see the ump pointing to where the pitcher and the runner came close to each other. But the runner was clearly not in the runner's lane, plus he's allowed to be in the baseline to field a batted ball, so there's no way you can call that interference on the pitcher.

    1. Fortunately, if that's the word I want, Colome threw enough pitches yesterday that Rocco won't be tempted to use him today.

    1. Remember a few years ago, when some people were seriously trying to argue that the Twins should get rid of Buxton and play Jake Cave in center field?

  5. I was looking at his BBRef page earlier today and there's almost no black because Trout.

    1. He's done pretty well all year in his first two innings. The problem comes when the Twins try to use him longer than that. He might be a guy who just gets you through one time around the batting order.

      1. He looked very good going longer in spring training. I wonder if he's either optimum as a short reliever or a starter -- long relief might not be a fit for him, at least for now.

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