2021 Game 24: Royals at Twins – Mirror Images

The Twins are 8-15. The Royals are 15 - 8. The Twins were expected to dominate most teams. The Royals were not. The Twins have stars and players you have heard of. The Royals have... I suppose a 25 man roster?

The last few years it has seemed like the Royals played the Twins harder than most teams. Even when they were winning, the Twins really had to work for it. Let's hope this year reverses that trend too, with dominant Twins wins.

For the Twins Pineda will be taking the hill, looking to bounce back from a rough outing last time, but still sporting some excellent numbers overall. Brady Singer will be pitching for the Royals. Keeping up the mirror theme, he had his best outing of the season last time (though he hasn't been a slouch overall), so hopefully he also bounces back to serve up a ton of dingers this game.

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    1. His best OPS against, with at least 150 PAs, is a .953 against the Royals. He's slightly above his career average with a .818 OPS against the Twins. He has his best numbers versus the Pirates at 1.072 in 104 PAs. Phillies are a close second but with only 52 PAs.

      1. My recollection is Rortvedt profiled as a defense-first catcher...not sure if that means "plus plus defense" or just "probably not gonna be a great hitter". But I don't think there's any doubts he can at least hack it enough to stick back there defensively.

  1. First consecutive wins by the Twins since the Home Opener, when they improved to 5-2, including 5-0 in real games.

    This was the first time the Twins scored 9+ runs in consecutive games since the Bomba Squad did it Aug. 29-30 of '19 when they scored 10 at the White Sox and 13 at Detroit.

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