26 thoughts on “April 30, 2021: IIFY”

  1. Statcast has park factors. Target Field ranks 23rd, tied with Citi Field, with a park factor of 96 (below 100 so helps pitchers). Median is 99. There are only 28 parks available; Globe Life Field and Rogers Centre aren't listed.

    Easiest thing to do at Target Field?

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    Hardest thing to do at Target Field?

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    1. I seem to remember the Twins stating their desire to design a park that played fairly neutral. To build a park that slightly favors pitchers on such a small site, without artificial gimmicks like huge outfield walls, is a rather remarkable accomplishment. I don’t mind a home ballpark that favors pitching, provided the offense can score runs. Interesting to see that three of my top four favorite ballparks rank at the bottom of the list.

      The Bandbronx only being MLB average, and practically tied with (post-fence move) Petco Park is certainly out of step with my perceptions. (The waiver given the Yankmes on distance down the lines at the Bandbronx really irritates me.) What really surprises me, though, is seeing Dodger Stadium 4th in Home Run factor, (ever so slightly) higher than both the Cell and Coors.

      I wonder why no info is available for the Rogers Centre Skydome?

      1. For the 2019-2021 seasons, yes. But, 2020 has very limited data since teams only played within the division and 2021 has one month of data. 2017-2019 puts Yankee Stadium at a 102. Target Field is also a 102 now.

  2. Twins send down Jeffers along with Rooker when they activate Kepler and Garlick. So Kiriloff stays on the roster when two outfielders are activated. This means Astudillo is the backup catcher despite playing only 2 innings at catcher thus far this season.

  3. Who would have thought a Royals Twins series would be huge for the Twins? cant get swept or they'll be pretty much buried in the standings.

  4. First business trip post-COVID is a success (although still have two legs to fly to get home yet). I'm not sure when my next trip will be, since it really depends on if the mask mandate on domestic flights is extended past May 11. I know airlines want it extended until at least Septrmber

    1. Today is my two week Vaxiversary, so tomorrow I'm joining some buds on a bicycle brewery tour of Madison. (with masks and outdoor seating, though.)

  5. Well, we're > 24 hrs into vaccine #2, and despite my nerves at jinxing this, it seems the side effects have been somewhere between extremely mild and non-existent. Basically, I'm not sure if I'm just worn out from a busy week or the vaccine contributed to my being tired. But nothing else to report, so that's all good. Plus I got 2 new cases on my day off, so... I'm bad at taking days off!

  6. So I have a weekly zoom with my CT work buddies, 1/2 retired. This week, one of them can't join our weekly Thursday call as he is dealing with his wife on emergency health issues. Later Thursday afternoon, he says he will be bringing her home for hospice care. We had no indication that things were this bad.

    Today, I get a text from one of the guys "I just heard that Ellen died."

  7. Dick Bremer asking the most important questions

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