Game 26: Royals @ Twins

Another Sunday game, another rubber match.  The Royals and Twins have matching 8-run wins so far in this series. This game won't have to be all that close to be the biggest nail-biter of the series.

Jose Berrios v. Brad Keller

The fact that Alex Kirilloff is already getting comfortable against the Royals fills me with gladness. Here's to many long years of constant dingers against a division rival.

32 thoughts on “Game 26: Royals @ Twins”

  1. Its probably to the point that if runners are on base and Buxton hits a dribbler you mind as well put the ball in your hip pocket rather than trying to get him out. It cost the Royals a run there.

    1. Not that money should matter, but the Twins are paying good sums to Donaldson, Simmons, and Polanco to play while Arraez is still in serfdom.

  2. I got to listen to innings 5-8 in the car yesterday trying to get the girls to take a nap/give mom a quiet house. The little one slept pretty much the entire time, the big one is too good at fighting naps.

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