26 thoughts on “May, 5, 2021: ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!”

        1. Correct.

          Also, that thread led me to:

          1. The second most excruciating way to lose a perfect game. Number one being of course having the first base umpire blow an easy call for the 27th out.

  1. Food updates:
    -I made migas last week for lunch and will definitely be making more in the future.

    -A neighbor brought us a bag of groceries that included Impossible ground "beef." Mr. NaCl made burgers for dinner and the jalapeno (who is a big fan of regular hamburgers) declared they were even better than actual beef burgers. Which was an unexpected reaction, but I'll take it. (I didn't actually have any because we also had another kind of veggie burger I like and I'm not a fan of actual ground beef.)

      1. I was just googling Tim Walz, as I was looking for current news on restrictions. In his bio it says he is 57... 4 years older than me. When I was younger I used to think 50 was old. Today, despite a few ailments and injuries, I don't mentally feel 50+. Time is weird.

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