28 thoughts on “May 9, 2021: Go Call Your Ma”

  1. After Mom and daughter headed out at 6am for a dance competition, I heard the ugly thud and found this poor guy/gal on the deck this morning.
    I was not familiar with the Ovenbird, though I’m pretty sure now I’ve been hearing them.

    1. Ovenbirds are elusive, I think. I know that would be a lifer for me, you know, if it was living...

            1. Be extra careful because here, at least, the wildlife is out for blood. I was mowing and a bird nearly flew into my face, and right after that the neighbor kid who was on his bike nearly crashed because a rabbit ran in front of him.

  2. I will be working a packed house at the joint today. Despite still limited in seating capacity (about 60%), yesterday fell just a couple hundred dollars short of our busiest day ever. Take out orders really haven't slowed down. I am unsure if they ever will, as people have realized over the past 14 months that they don't have to rely on pizza delivery on nights they are home and don't want to cook. It is a sad day as my favorite cousin, who died a few months ago, is being remembered at a service in North St. Paul and I just can't get there. It is also my older brother's birthday, so another favorite cousin has promised to punch him in the arm for me after the service. It is also Mother's Day. I celebrate the greatness of my wife, as she is a great mom, while mourning the loss of my own mother almost 30 years ago. I really can't believe it's been that long. My wife asked me last night if I thought she would have gotten along well with my mom. I cried for an hour. I barely remember 2 of my 4 grandparents, as the last 2 died when I was 5. It saddens me that my kids missed out on having my mom as their grandma. She would have been an epic grandma. Happy Mother's Day to pepper and to the rest of the moms in all of your lives!

    1. I should clarify "packed house". We are keeping tables 6 ft apart, we don't allow guests to congregate up at the host area. We take their phone numbers and text them when their tables are ready when we are on a wait (which was all day yesterday). I feel good about how safe we are because on Friday, our local clinic Chief Medical Officer and the head of the local public health department, came in to eat with their respective mothers. Neither of them had dined out the past 14 months until that day. Felt good that they chose our joint for the first public meal!

      1. You do good work, Zoom; what a great example of passion and professionalism. Very happy for you.

    2. One thing our family has experienced during the pandemic (including today) is an inordinate amount of mistakes in our pickup orders, about 40%. Not little ones either. Full meals missing, forgot all the salads or all the fries. Small places, fine dining. I'm pretty patient given that most workers are risking their lives under less than ideal conditions. And it's just a luxury. But still, frustrating in the moment.

    1. Don't ya hate it when facts get in the way of a narrative? On a completely unrelated note: I met some of your family yesterday including your folks. Nice people! Welcome additions to our neighborhood! It was great timing, as I was buried in the kitchen all day long, except for a 20 minute patch, at which time your family asked for me to stop by and say hi.

    2. Just because everyone else is pulling their starters too early should Rocco jump off the Brooklyn Bridge too? Also, they aren't pulling their starters in favor if their Twins horrific bullpen.

    3. It shows how much the game has changed. If you're only going to get about five innings from your starter, you need to have three or four relievers you can count on each game. And since you can't use the same three or four relievers every game, you really need about six or seven relievers in the bullpen that you can count on. Which is why the failure of the Twins bullpen this year stands out so much.

  3. The Twins are batting .242 as a team but they have no individuals batting between .236 and .290.

  4. Twins game postponed by rain, to be made up in a doubleheader in July. I have to admit, my decision not to pay through the nose to watch this team on TV is looking better all the time.

  5. Team USA won bronze in the Women's World Curling Championship this morning. Not bad!

  6. Worked our way through all the road construction around The Cities, and on to a scheduled surprise supper rendezvous at my parents' house for Mom's Day. Sorry, no time to stop this trip, Zoomie

  7. All is going well across the river

    1. Just taking a quick look at the box score, I don't understand why Rob Refsnyder, who has primarily played second base in his career, is in right field, while Keon Broxton, who has been exclusively an outfielder, is at second base. Maybe they're trying to increase these guys' positional flexibility or something, but it sounds to me like a good way to get players hurt.

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