2021 Game 34: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox

J.A. Happ
Dallas Keuchel

The Twins have a palindromic record in a bad way after yesterday's game. Today we get to hope they break the palindrome in a hopeful way and not to get closer to losing two-thirds of their games.

24 thoughts on “2021 Game 34: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox”

    1. Well, I picked up Keuchel in two leagues in case they predictably don't (which means, yes, they're going to do great tonight).

      1. They will both score enough to wreck his stats but not enough to avoid the bullpen losing the game.

    1. Didn't get pulled but still no quality start today. I feel he has fulfilled my prediction.

  1. I don't want to be here, but since I am...hey Free, looks like you're going to get Twins, Wild, Loons tonight. Still no losing quadfecta.

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