The World’s Greatest Online Magazine Presents The Half-Baked Podcast: 08. Abject Despair

Hey, gang. There's not much fun Twins talk, so Daneeka's Ghost came back to discuss the Wild before they go into the playoffs. We all know how this will end, but we wanted to keep things as bright and shiny as possible.

We unfortunately did not have the constitution to keep up the rosiness when we did actually get to the Twins, but it needed to be discussed anyway. So we did, and that was... yeah.

Music is always good though, and here are the video's we discussed:

Daði Og Gagnamagnið - Gagnamagnið

Altin Gün - Süpürgesi Yoncadan

Lucy Dacus - Hot & Heavy

Phoebe Bridgers - I Know The End

With a brief shout out to

The Hives - Hate to Say I Told You So

Special thanks to @velcrojared for the tunes.

7 thoughts on “The World’s Greatest Online Magazine Presents The Half-Baked Podcast: 08. Abject Despair”

  1. Guy holding up the one finger reality. An Ozymandius reference. Epic disaster. Unlucky on top of terrible. A dumpster fire. Sweet.

    I looked up Gagnimanio -it means data plan in Icelandic.

    Bridgers - she lost me at 'The'.

    1. Bridgers - she lost me at 'The'.

      That's a shame. Admittedly, that wasn't the best part of the song to feature for newcomers, but she's a talent for sure. Just wait for our 3.5 hour boygenius members podcast when it comes out.

  2. Finally available on the G-network. I don't know why it takes so long to get it up on that site. Guess they have more tubes to go through.

  3. Listening to this inspired me to watch the Wild today, which was the first hockey game I watched this year, so thanks for that.

    I come for the sandwiches, but I stay for the sports.

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