2021 Game Log 39: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins

Sorry, gang, I don't have a lot of time to rap with you today. We mentioned a feeling of hopelessness warshing over us on the podcast (*ahem*), so it's hard to know how to approach following this team. I guess I'm not ready to give up on this team with every fiber of my being, but maybe with most of them for now.

And hey, if this game sucks, I know a great podcast you can listen to...

38 thoughts on “2021 Game Log 39: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins”

  1. Why in the world do they have David Wells' perfect game against the Twins on "This Day in Twins History?" Have the Twins never done anything positive on this day?

    1. How do you cauterize the wound of the 2021 season to prevent Twins fans’ interest from bleeding out completely? Remind them of the late Nineties. Sure, we’re all disappointed, but at least we had positive expectations at the beginning of the season?

      1. I'm starting the countdown (up?) to 2016's loss total once they reach the franchise minimum of 53 losses. I might get to start by the All-Star break.

    2. They have not. It is an historically bad day for them. It's been easy for me to keep track. Next year will be the 20th anniversary of the Giambi GS.

  2. So, with the pitching change, we can officially say that the Twins are Happless.

  3. Just tuned in to look at the score. Is it too early for A-stud to take the mound?

      1. Besides he need some time at SS so he cane have fielded every position on the diamond

  4. The season was teetering before but after Buxton went on the DL it's all gone to pot.

  5. It should be some kind of verdict on this Twins roster that I’m debating whether to continue following this game or watch an urban planner play Cities: Skylines.

    1. I keep wanting to play (and buy) Cities: Skylines but I've played almost zero of any games for myself in years. I've done some other games "with" the kids but I don't think they would have the patience for this one.

      1. If you do, I’ll be curious to hear what you think. I don’t participate in many video game discussions here, but I know folks have well-reasoned opinions.

        I didn’t grow up playing many games — my parents were totally against consoles until I was in high school and my little brothers somehow got a PlayStation. Mom & Pa had a Macintosh SE, which had Earl Weaver Baseball, The Hunt for Red October, and SimLife on it. (The last was an odd choice for people who didn’t believe in evolution. I wish it had been SimCity.) That turned out to be pretty formative. My preference in the few games I’ve played in adulthood — OOTP, The Sims, Democracy 3 — has leaned strongly in those directions. Cities: Skylines seems right up that alley, too.

        1. SimCity is one I played some but SimCity 2000 was my jam for a long time. I was too young (five) when the original was released but at the just right age of nine for its sequel.

          This sparked a memory of a Twitter thread about city building games. I also played the excellent open source clone OpenTTD but two of the other mentions in the thread were completely new to me.

          1. That was an excellent thread. (High praise — I generally dislike the Twitter thread format.) I laughed reading this part:

            in contrast, in the Slovakian game "Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic", parking lots are realistically sized and something the player has to build if they decide to let people own personal cars.

            One of the things that I particularly enjoyed about Midnight in Chernobyl was the extensive focus Higginbotham gave to the development of the communities around the plant. The nuclear plant director was responsible for taking a…direct…hand in the urban planning of Pripyat and extensive latitude for other areas around the plant on top of his duties running the Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin Nuclear Power Plant. The guy was stretched way too thin.

          2. and, perhaps more importantly, you can build a curling rink (albeit outdoors) in Skylines.

  6. Seriously? You swung 3-0 when you're ahead eleven runs in the ninth inning? You should really proud of that home run, buddy.

    1. At this point, I’m happy to let the White Sox hammer the point — the Twins’ front office got too cute and restricted their own window with the roster they constructed. I hate seeing the South Siders wax the AL Central floor with my favorite team, but it seems like the the Twins have earned it.

    2. Maybe the Twins should honor the game a little more by having someone other than a back up throw 45 mph pitches up there.

      1. I’m with Will, CH and free here. I’ll admit I was back-and-forth on the ‘sanctity of the game’ type stuff - grumpy enough to roll my eyes at some of the antics the kids were doing, while simultaneously entertained by the joy on display.


        The Commissioner is the one who instituted the runner on 2nd to start extras and 7-inning games for cryin’ in the soup. Nothing is sacred anymore.

        1. Don't get me wrong--I'm not all outraged by it or anything. But I still think it was a pretty cheap thing to do.

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