2021 Game Log 40: White Sox at Twins

Twins about to complete 25% of the season and I doubt few thought they'd be where they are right now. It's quite apparent that the Twins don't match up against the Whities as they have been outscored 42-17 over the past four games.

Big Mike on the mound, and like most of the pitching staff, he's been disappointing at worst and inconsistent at best. Whoa, late pitching change. Bailey Ober (?!?) in for the Twins, Pineda moved a day. Bailey Ober is a righty. that's all I got on the guy oh and he's 6'9". Lance Lynn for Chicago and he's been really good. Too bad he didn't pitch like that for the Twins a few years back.

Should still be a nice night for a ballgame and I think I need to get to one soon. Maybe next homestand. First pitch at 6:40p.

Twins Line-up
2b -Arraez
3B - Donaldson
DH - Polanco
CF - Kepler
1B - Sano
LF - Larnach
RF - Garlick
SS - Simmons
C - Rortvedt

50 thoughts on “2021 Game Log 40: White Sox at Twins”

  1. Bailey Ober is a righty. that's all I got on the guy oh and he's 6'9".

    Taller, but not bigger, than Big Mike.

  2. The outfielders are getting plenty of exercise, but so far (with one exception) he's kept it in the park.

  3. Ober has pitched ok and definitely a lot better than other Twins pitchers lately but he has Randy Dobnak vibes where once it gets to 2 strikes the lack of a strikeout pitch dooms him to high pitch counts and a greater chance for a hanging pitch to get smacked hard.

    1. I've seen 7 Sanó PA's this season and 3 homeruns. They should play me to attend.

  4. So LaRussa comes out to talk to the umps before the inning starts
    Duffman throws behind the batter (probably intentional!) and gets tossed

    1. That might be the first time Duffey has hit his spot all season.

      If these clowns don't like it, don't suck do much that you need Astudillo to pitch.

      1. I agree

        I also think if LaRussa doesnt come out before the inning Duffey is still in the game unless he plunks Mercedes

      2. That’s just it, the Twins saved a pitcher and essentially made a mockery of the inning. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. This whole ordeal makes me dislike this awful team even more

  5. Convincente juego por juego en la transmisión en español.

    They pronounce the last names better than the Dazzleman.

  6. I missed it on the jumbotron last time, but Robles's entrance is easily the best since Fernando Rodney. Complete hilarity involving a horse and a slow pan.

  7. I was just going to mention that this will be the inning where they tie it up or take the lead only to blow it in the 9th to totally suck the life out of me.

    1. Too bad there isn't another OF position for him when he gets up in the bottom of the 10th with the Twins down 7-4.

    1. He beat a record previously held by Babe Ruth!

      1. Ruth also had a single in that game, though.

        So what you're saying is Sano's career will be over after a few more games?

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