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  1. Can we verify that these guys are drinking coffee? Also, it appears that Brian Jones is hogging quite a bit of that table with three guys on his side.

  2. Also, am I going to have to break out my race to the bottom notifications this season? I think I might!

      1. This is the 61st season in Minnesota, one more than they played in Washington. Total pennants for the Twins: 3. Total pennants for the Senators: 3. The Senators only had a .465 winning percentage (vs. .497 for the Twins), but in terms of getting to the mountaintop in the AL, similar. There is that second WS championship, though.

        1. Not quite the same thing as what you are talking about here, but I was just looking at postseason records the other day with the start of the NHL playoffs.

          Team Seasons Postseasons Championships Series Wins Games Won Win%
          Twins 60 14 2 5 24 .343
          Vikings 60 30 0 -- 21 .412
          Wolves 32 9 0 2 18 .346
          Lynx 22 12 4 16 42 .636
          Wild 20 10 0 4 27 .365
              1. It will be when A-Rod moves the Lynx to San Francisco.

                Seriously, though, my thinking was that the Lakers were a good baseline for the Lynx — a team that was strong in a relatively (compared to MLB) young league, somewhat analogous to the NBA during the Lakers’ heyday. Meanwhile, the North Stars are an inevitable barometer for the Wild.

            1. Team Seasons Postseasons Championships Series Wins Games Won Win%
              Twins 60 14 2 5 24 .343
              Vikings 60 30 0 -- 21 .412
              Wolves 32 9 0 2 18 .346
              North Stars 26 17 0 14 80 .482
              Lynx 22 12 4 16 42 .636
              Wild 20 10 0 4 27 .365
              Lakers 11 10 4 17 61 .616
              Loons 4 2 0 -- 2 .500
              Whitecaps 3 3 1* -- 4 .800

              *Whitecaps made it to the championship game in 2020 before it was cancelled due to a pandemic.

              1. technically, the Vikings were the 1969 NFL champions. They lost the 1970 Super Bowl, but that was pre-merger. The NFL and AFL merged, creating the NFC and AFC for the 1970-71 season.

          1. the Vikings making the playoff is impressive and also shows how easy it is to get into the NFL playoffs.

            1. Vikings had many appearances before 35% of all teams made it. From 1969-1980 they were on par with the Steelers, Cowboys, Raiders for dominance of the league

  3. I stepped on the scale this morning and it read 200 lbs. on the nose (it had gone as high as 220 over the winter). Ten more to go to get to my target. Also, I passed the two week milestone since my second Pfizer yesterday. Mrs. Twayn, though, is waiting for an appointment for a biopsy for a small growth on her thyroid and she's a little on edge about it.

    1. Our prayers are with Mrs. Twain and you.

      But congratulations on the weight loss. I, too, am approaching 200 pounds. But I'm approaching it from the other direction.

    2. After the holidays I was as high as 236 (probably artificially high). My goal was to be under 215 by my birthday. Yesterday I checked in at 212.

      My next goal is 200 before a vacation I'm taking towards the beginning of August. I have a long way to go, but the small changes have been paying off, and I figure the 1-2 lbs a week approach is probably healthiest. I need to start adding some lifting, and a little more physical exertion - so far the loss has been almost all diet-related.

      1. Mrs. Twayn has been doing intermittent fasting for a few months now. I'm not at liberty to divulge details, but it's definitely working.

      1. A few pounds snuck up on my over the last year. I want to lose 5 or 10 if them before it becomes 20 or 30 of them

  4. This came to me while on our long drive home from MN -- what MN counties can you name that have a city with the same name, but it is not within the county? I don't know the answer, but I could think of two:

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            1. Pretty sure the nudie bar went under during lockdown. We went past last fall on our way to Baxter and it was all closed up

              1. Pretty sure the nudie bar went under during lockdown

                Welp, there goes my Memorial Weekend plans.

            2. Per Mags, the nudie bar has been closed for awhile. And Treasure City is in Royalton, about 10 miles up the road from Rice.

    2. I seem to recall we once did an extensive riff on this. AMR was involved. I'm not sure how to look up such a thing here.

      1. I lived in Texas when that thread happened.

        That's a hell of a memory you've got there.

        1. Holy sheisse, that was 7 years ago.
          I usually tell people my memory is shot. Wish I could leverage that kind of retention somehow.

  5. Pending a background check, I'll be working for the Twins as an usher starting with the Yankee series next month. Minimum of 20 games required as well as the Green Day/FOB/Weezer concert and/or the Winter Classic hockey game. This is as excited as I can possibly get about a low-pay part-time temporary job.

  6. I completely forgot to mention, but my nephew was born on Friday. My little brother's first child, my parents' third grandchild and my girls' 5th cousin (4 on my wife's side, and now the little fella)

  7. Injuries are dumb

  8. Bailey Ober? Well, I guess he can't do a lot worse than the guys they've been using.

    1. I think Pineda is incapable of throwing more than 85 pitches every 10 days

  9. Derek Law lasted all of 10 days on the Twins’ 40 man, and all it cost them was the rights to the next six years of Travis Blankenhorn’s career.

  10. So if a pitcher throws a no hitter with Angel Hernandez behind the plate, does it get an asterisk?

    I can't wait to see the umpire scorecard for that game.

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