2021 Game 41: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins

Wins are good. Maybe the Twins can get another today?

Lucas Giolito
Matt Shoemaker

Well, can't lose tomorrow at least.

The Twins are 25% done with the season. FanGraphs has the Twins at 79 wins now, down nine wins from the preseason. I suspect the gap will increase by the All-Star break.

Crudely projecting out existing stats to 162 games gives us:
Record: 57 - 105
Runs scored: 745
Runs allowed: 871
Pythag prediction: 69 - 93

Arraez - 2B
Polanco - SS
Cruz - DH
Kepler - CF
Sanó - 1B
Larnach - LF
Astudillo - 3B
Garlick - RF
Rortvedt - C

13 thoughts on “2021 Game 41: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins”

  1. If the Twins are out of contention in September, they should have A-Stud play all nine positions in a game.

    1. I predict the Twins will get a hit with a runner in scoring position in the ninth. But it won't score the run.

    1. 6-1 in the eighth now. Gilberto Celestino and Jose Miranda have homered for the Wind Surge. Tulsa didn't get a hit until the sixth.

      1. And it ends 6-1. Mark Contreras also homered for Wichita. The Wind Surge limited Tulsa to two hits.

  2. Scoreless outing by the bullpen. Maybe the Twins can get something decent for Colomé at the deadline.

    1. Colome is unscored upon in his last seven appearances (7.2 innings), giving up two hits and four walks and striking out seven. His ERA has come down from 8.31 to 4.41.

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