2021 Game Log 47: Baltimore Orioles at Minnesota Twins

In my CoC post today I joked that Baltimore was hanging out in the basement with us, but I hadn't realized they were coming to town. As mentioned, we've got the two worst teams in baseball here, so I'm sure it will be a riveting game. The Battle for the Basement!

Matty Shoes is coming off one of his better starts of the year against the White Sox, though that's a bit of a low bar. He's had success against the Birds in his career (again, low bar), so hopefully he turns in a solid performance. John Means is actually leading the AL with a 1.70 ERA, so everyone might want to prepare for Assbats™.

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    1. I've managed to watch about seven periods of the series when spliced together and have seen 9 Vegas goals and 0 Wild goals (that weren't called back upon review).

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