52 thoughts on “May 27, 2021: Woo!”

        1. So, the Vikings just need to play the Raiders in the Super Bowl again to be winners?

  1. Playing the dregs of the league is starting to make me feel like the season won't be a total loss.

  2. A good friend and printer trainer colleague died as a result of an overdose over night. He alienated lots of people due to the drugs but is still very much missed. He leaves behind a couple of young kids. He might have been 38 years old. I'm really in a bad headspace about this. Too young, so much talent, so much heartache. Hug your loved ones, folks.

  3. Regarding the Wolves sale, I think the Wolves stay here unless some city blows the NBA away with a sweetheart arena deal because the NBA would make like 15 Scrooge McDuck Money Bins more money on an expansion team rather than a relocation.

    1. If the Wolves don't move and the NBA expands by two franchises, how is A-Rod gonna get a new arena? Move the Wolves to a new arena in Seattle, make MPLS an expansion city and require a new arena to get it done. Blow up Target Center and rebuild on the same spot while MPLS is in NBA exile for a few years. I don't know, but I'm just saying.

    1. The second baseman and right fielder had eleven seconds to cover first base. You'd think one of them would have gotten there.

      1. Heck, once Baez turned to go back towards home, the first baseman probably had plenty of time to beat him to first.

        1. Yup. It didn't stop being a force out... and there were 2 outs, so that run wouldn't have counted regardless.

          1. I want an oral history from the first baseman's perspective. But I'll probably just have settle for a jomboy video.

            1. I say again, from an operational perspective, never underestimate the ability of even highly-trained humans to make out-of-nowhere errors in judgment when a routine situation goes sideways.

            2. I read someone say that the run wouldn't count unless the Baez touched first base. If that's so, he could have just stood there and waited.

              1. good point. With two outs and a ball in play, the batter has to reach base for a run to score. Of course, the simpler solution would have been for the 1b to just step on the bag to begin with.

    2. How don earth do you score that? Two errors? Three errors? Does he get an rbi?

      1. Javier Báez reached on fielder's choice, third to first, Willson Contreras scored. Javier Báez to second on Michael Perez's throwing error

    3. this is going to be on highlight reels for a long time along with Ruben Rivera's baserunning

  4. Watching real-time highlights of day games on MLB Network, and within a matter of five minutes, two different teams ran the contact play with the infield in and succeeded, and in neither case was there a hit. Both times the fielder bobbled the ball. One went for an error (so the ultimate reward of no out recorded) and the other threw to first for the out after recovering.

  5. Jhoan Duran has been dealing in St. Paul.

  6. Here's something quirky I discovered when playing around with my spreadsheets after updating the info from yesterday's game:
    In the games I attended live, Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau combined to make exactly 1,000 putouts defensively.

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