Summer Mix 2021 Nominations

Well, friends, it's about that time again. Toss your nominations below.

1. The theme is "Summer". You're free to interpret that as you'd like.
2. Put your nominations in a Spoiler box.
3. You may nominate up to 3 songs. Any further nominations will be ignored.
4. Unless we get an insane amount of nominations for some reason, everyone's first choice is automatically in. The rest of the mix will be filled out with the other nominations.

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26 thoughts on “Summer Mix 2021 Nominations”

  1. Are they supposed to be songs I’ve never heard before? That’s what seems to be the going theme.
    Can’t keep up with you guys...
    I’ll see what I can come up with.

    1. I prefer them spoilered so I don't know who submitted what picks. I don't think it's a huge deal, but I like it to be as fair as possible. There's a very special person that compiles the list of songs for me without me seeing the submitter.

      1. Ah, makes sense.

        I went to put a song on my list that's I noticed I've put on twice and it wasn't picked, so I scratched it this time 🙂

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