2021 Game 63: Astros at Twins: Getting Ober the Hump

Bailey Ober, who I just learned about, pitches for the Twins in place of Matt Shoemaker. This is a good decision, even if Bailey Ober is completely awful, because Matt Shoemaker was beyond completely awful.

The Astros remain a strong team, and are pitching Jose Urquiday, who has been pretty good (except for his last start).

Riding the high of walking off the Yankees, let's see if the Twins can keep themselves rolling.

18 thoughts on “2021 Game 63: Astros at Twins: Getting Ober the Hump”

  1. Decent start by Ober. He matched Shoemaker's season high in strikeouts. His pitching line for the game nearly matches Shoemaker's second start of the season on April 11. Ober gave up two fewer runs over one less inning. That game was the last time Shoemaker had an ERA under 5.48. He twice managed to get to 5.49 or 5.48 but that's his best after April 11.

  2. Pitch your heart up and get pulled with a lead only to have the bullpen blow the opportunity to get a win under belt. Welcome to the Big Show kiddo

  3. I couldn't get audio via MLB and Gameday, but went to CCO and finally got the audio feed.

  4. Rogers couldn't pitch the top of the eighth too? Instead, let's have Shoemaker pitch two innings.

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