44 thoughts on “June 11, 2021: Maskless”

  1. Vegas eliminates Colorado, meaning that it continues to be true that Minnesota has been to a conference final (2003) more recently than the Avalanche (2002).

    Stanley Cup semifinals -
    Golden Knights vs. Canadiens
    Islanders vs. Lightning

        1. The 4 winners of the divisional playoff rounds were reseeded for this round.

          Not a true conference final, but the NHL will hand out the conference trophies, so Montreal could hang a "2021 Western Conference Champs" banner.

    1. Given the series Vegas had with MN, and how exhuasted they presumably were for that first game, this seems pretty impressive.

      It probably also speaks well of the Wild, to the extent that it says anything at all?

      1. Really good series by Vegas. What was crazy was that they didn't rely on Fleury in the same way they did early in round 1. They just ran Colorado out of the building when playing 5 on 5. I seriously doubt that Minnesota would have been able to replicate that if they had won game 7.

        Fun note - Colorado was the best 5 on 5 team in the last 20 years during the regular season.

        Round 1, Games 1-4 - Fleury 4 GA compared to 9.3 xGA ( 5.3) in 4 games
        Round 1, Games 5-7 - Fleury 9 GA compared to 5.0 xGA (-4.0) in 3 games
        Round 2 - Fleury 11 GA compared to 12.3 xGA ( 1.3) in 5 games

        1. I agree that the Wild wouldn't have been able to do that. That breakdown you did of why the Wild suffered against Colorado with the rush chances but was good against Vegas with the dump ins - that was excellent information.

          Still - transitive property!

  2. Since I'm immunocompromised, I'll be keeping up with masks for a while longer! And the rest of the family is doing likewise to help protect me.

    Silver lining: my mask is great for covering up the acne that chemo has brought on!

        1. When remarking on my beard, people often ask, “Doesn’t that get hot in the summer?” Not really, and I’m fairly heat intolerant. I usually resist the urge to observe beards are common in some of the hottest regions on the planet.

  3. Mesquite smoked turkey, chipotle mustard, ghost pepper cheddar, iceberg lettuce and tomato on potato bread. The icecberg lettuce and tomato need to do more than they're doing against all the heat, but overall this is a dang good sandwhich, and it's cutting through my post-covid parosmia (which is going on a month and a half here, with no signs of abating... my taste and smell might just be mostly-ruined forever.).

  4. Didn't see a music post today, so I'll throw this here. At first it looked like this guy was just riffing on Rick Beato's excellent YouTube series, but no, it's pretty funny on its own, and he's put some real work into it. (NSFW)

  5. It's not often you scroll through the news feed and see a face that looks personally familiar. At any rate, our newest federal judge is a cool dude; he liked to hang around our teeny outpost in the middle of Ramadi, where he generally had no business being but for wanting to not be stuck on the secure camp.

      1. COP Steel. Fresh installation upon our unit’s arrival. This was actually in Al Tamim, west of the canal. The Corps commandeered a block of homes in the middle of town and our Army infantry company (attached to the Armor battalion attached to the Marines Division responsible for Anbar) maintained a presence there.

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