2021 Game 68: Minnesota Twins at Seattle Mariners

Bailey Ober
Justus Sheffield

Supposedly there's a game happening tonight for the Twins. That appears to be news for the Twins too unfortunately. I will get to find out tomorrow whether they showed up and actually scored.

Polanco - 2B
Donaldson - 3B
Cruz - DH
Kirilloff - RF
Jeffers - C
Sanó - 1B
Arraez - LF
Simmons - SS
Celestino - CF

13 thoughts on “2021 Game 68: Minnesota Twins at Seattle Mariners”

  1. Just great.

      1. This still is so much better than the bilateral leg weakness disaster with Mauer. At least Buxton looks like a player willing to play with pain and the Twins are trying to protect him from being re-injured instead of the manager and front office shrugging their shoulders and saying, he says it still hurts. And I don't want to happen to Buxton what happened to Polanco last year and the beginning of this year.

        1. I really hope your intent was not to take a shot at Mauer.

          My head spins like Regan MacNeil's every time someone suggests that a person who played catcher in the Majors was unwilling to "play with pain."

  2. Earlier, Astudillo got his first walk since September 2019. Just now, he got his first walk since earlier this game.

    Then Cruz mashed it. Good times.

    1. AP story said he's on a limited pitch count due to not pitching last year. Rocco after the game said Ober will be limited in pitch count but didn't say why. If this has been the plan all along, the Twins have done a really crappy job of letting fans know what's going on. To me, it looked like Rocco didn't trust a rookie to hold a 7-0 lead and was wearing out an overused bullpen unnecessarily.

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