2021 Game Log 72: Cincinnati Reds at Minnesota Twins

The Cincinnati Red Stockings are coming to town with malice in their hearts...

Okay, that's not accurate, but it sounds cool. Anyway, the Reds are coming in with a four game losing streak. Like the Twins, they're 4th in their Central, but with a .500 record. The Twins are coming off a rare series win (and even more rare sweep!), so let's hope they keep the momentum going to drive up trade values. Enjoy the game, folks.

25 thoughts on “2021 Game Log 72: Cincinnati Reds at Minnesota Twins”

      1. Now that I actually check, Odorizzi started it. Looks like a single walk by Odorizzi is the only blemish.

    1. Even Simmons seemed surprised - looked disgustedly at the broken knob & handle in his hand and just trotted towards 1st.

      1. I went to sleep after the 11th. I had a dream where I woke up and discovered the Twins had lost 15-13 after 32 innings

      1. This poor guy. I know some of it comes from the way he plays, but some of it has just been stupid bad luck.

        The upside is if the Twins keep winning, he can come be a second-half addition to give them another boost, and if they keep losing (or hover around .500), it's a lost season anyway.

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