Minor Details: Games of June 24

The Saints get just one hit.  Jose Miranda has a big day.  Two-run homers carry the Kernels.  Late runs sink the Mighty Mussels.


The Clippers scored one in the first and two in the fourth.  The Saints had just one hit, a one-out single in the fifth.

Batting star:  Jimmy Kerrigan was 1-for-3.

Pitching stars:  Andrew Albers pitched six innings, giving up three runs on six hits and two walks and striking out five.  Nick Vincent made his Saints debut and pitched a perfect inning, striking out one.  Robinson Leyer pitched a perfect inning.

Opposition stars:  Daniel Johnson was 1-for-3 with a home run.  Ben Krauth pitched three shutout inning, giving up no hits and one walk and striking out two.

Good stats:  Vincent has an ERA of zero.

Bad statsKeon Broxton was 0-for-3 and is batting .145.  Roberto Pena was 0-for-3 and is batting .171.  Albers has an ERA of 5.70.  Leyer has an ERA of 5.73.

Record:  The Saints are 20-24, in fifth place in the AAA East-Midwest, eleven games behind Omaha.


Trailing 4-0 through four, the Wind Surge scored four in the fifth and four in the sixth.

Batting stars:  Jose Miranda was 5-for-6 with a double.  David Banuelos was 2-for-3 with a walk and two runs.  Jermaine Palacios was 2-for-5 with a double.  Aaron Whitefield was 2-for-6 with a double, two runs, and three RBIs.

Pitching stars:  Ryan Mason struck out four in 2.1 scoreless innings, giving up one hit.  Alex Phillips pitched 2.1 scoreless innings, giving up one hit and striking out two.

Opposition stars:  J. J. Schwarz was 2-for-3 with a double.  Jeremy Eierman was 2-for-4 with a double.  Nick Allen was 2-for-5 with two home runs (his third and fourth) and three RBIs.

Starter:  Jason Garcia pitched 3.1 innings, allowing four runs on eight hits and two walks and striking out two.

Good stats:  Miranda is batting .348.  Whitefield is batting .308.  Jovani Moran allowed two runs in one inning and has an ERA of 1.98.  Phillips has an ERA of 2.92.

Bad stats:  Yeltsin Encarnacion was 0-for-4 and is batting .130.  Peter Mooney was 1-for-4 and is batting .152.  Banuelos is batting .186.  Garcia has an ERA of 6.23.

Record:  The Wind Surge is 26-19, in first place in the AA Central-North, a half game ahead of Tulsa.


The Kernels scored four in the fourth on two-run homers by Seth Gray and Trey Cabbage to take a 4-2 lead.

Batting stars:  Cabbage was 2-for-4 with two home runs (his eighth and ninth) and three RBIs.  Gray was 1-for-4 with a two-run homer, his sixth.

Pitching stars:  Ben Gross struck out six in five innings, giving up two unearned runs on four hits and a walk.  Derek Molina struck out four in 2.1 scoreless innings, giving up one hit.  Zach Featherstone struc kout three in 1.2 scoreless innings, giving up a hit and a walk.

Opposition stars:  William Simoneit was 3-for-4.  Cobie Vance was 2-for-4.  Shohei Tomioka struck out four in three innings, giving up one run on two hits and no walks.

Good stats:  Featherstone has an ERA of 2.04.  Gross has an ERA of 2.78.

Bad stats:  Michael Helman was 1-for-4 and is batting .197.  Molina has an ERA of 5.33.

Record:  The Kernels are 25-20, in second place in the High-A Central-West, five games behind Quad Cities.


The Mighty Mussels led 4-2, but the Cardinals scored two in the seventh and one in the ninth.  Jacob Buchberger drove in the deciding run with a single.

Batting stars:  Misael Urbina was 3-for-5 with a triple, a double, and two runs.  Charles Mack was 2-for-4 with a walk.

Pitching star:  Brent Headrick struck out five in five innings, giving up two runs on eight hits and three walks.

Opposition stars:  Tommy Jew was 4-for-5.  Jordan Walker was 2-for-5 with two doubles and two RBIs.  Ludwin Jimenez struck out eight in five innings, giving up one run on five hits and four walks.

Good stats:  Edouard Julien was 1-for-4 and is batting .314.  Erik Manoah, Jr. gave up an unearned run in 1.2 innings and has an ERA of zero.  Juan Pichardo allowed two runs in two innings and has an ERA of 1.71.  Headrick has an ERA of 2.87.

Bad stats:  Nick Anderson was 1-for-2 and is batting .125.  Justin Washington was 0-for-2 and is batting .175.  Mack is batting .188.  Aaron Sabato was 1-for-3 and is batting .189.

Record:  The Mighty Mussels are 27-18, in third place in the Low-A Southeast-West, 3.5 games behind Tampa.


5:30  Fort Myers (Casey Legumina, 2-1, 4.67) at Palm Beach
6:05  St. Paul (Charlie Barnes, 3-1, 3.10) at Columbus
6:35  Lansing at Cedar Rapids (Cody Laweryson, 0-0, 2.57)
7:00  Wichita (Jordan Balazovic, 0-1, 6.43) at Midland