27 thoughts on “June 28, 2021: Damp”

    1. None. We are very dry. We are under a burn ban. We are also under a fireworks ban, although I don't know how strictly it will or even can be enforced.

      1. None. We are very dry. We are under a burn ban. We are also under a fireworks ban, although I don't know how strictly it will or even can be enforced.

        The long-term average precipitation for our area is around 17 inches per year. In the 2021 water year (beginning October 2020 and through May 2021 so far), we have received approximately 7.78 inches. Our rainy season is over for the water year.

        We only got 13 inches during the 2020 water year, 29 in the 2019 water year, 12.6 in the 2018 water year, 34.8 in 2017.

    2. Nice! We were limited to about. 5" between yesterday and today. The farmers are still grateful.

  1. Got this email from NextDoor:

    Enjae Ostberg, Boulevard
    Geezus, Mary & Joseph! Am I living in Iraq or West Hartford? Tonight's disturbances are still going on. My cats are terrified & I cannot sleep. Park Road. Prospect Avenue.

    1. I hate this time of year for the same reason, only with us it's the dog. She gets neurotic when the fireworks start going off and constantly paws at us to let us know something's wrong out there. When it's really bad she gets the thousand yard stare in her eyes and we have to isolate her in the basement. We got her a Thunder Shirt and that helps, but sometimes we have to drug her with melatonin chews and we may even try Benadryl this year. When it was just a few days around the 4th we could handle it, but now the crap seems to last most of the summer. Even though our police are a lot more Andy Taylor than Derek Chauvin, I'm reluctant to call them because our neighborhood has become a lot more diverse over the years and I'd hate to be the guy who kicked off an ugly incident.

  2. Not trying to start a grammar war here, but doesn't this look strange (apostrophe s after s)?:

    (nytimes) Amber Tamblyn: Britney Spears’s Raw Anger, and Mine

    1. I got into this very argument with someone who considers herself a strict grammarian. Turns out both ways are considered correct:

      "Style guides vary when it comes to a name that ends in an "s." Even if the name ends in "s," it's still correct to add another "'s" to create the possessive form. It's also acceptable to add only an apostrophe to the end of singular nouns that end in "s" to make them possessive."

      1. So computational linguistics not only has to learn the languages, but have context-sensitive if-then's for the style guides (i.e. if it's nytimes, do this, but if it's A.P. do that)

      2. I add the apostrophe S if that's how it sounds when I say it.

        e.g. "I went to Lars's house."

        But not if it doesn't.

        e.g. "The Marine Corps' motto is Semper Fidelis."

        1. this is also an interesting case in that the "s" in "Corps" normally is silent.

          we need an example where the ending "s" is not normally silent.

          "The Smiths' breakup was all Morrissey's fault."

    2. Not trying to start a grammar war here...

      Some things there are for which fighting has worth. Some things are worth fighting for.

  3. I wonder if they used the 's because "raw anger" is slanted towards opinion but if it was something physical like her car it would read "Spears' car".

    1. The better answer would be to reorder the headline, but with the limited space, too often we're stuck with dangling participles and all other foolishness

    2. apropos of Beau's comment, I think it makes some sense to add the extra s when you are referencing a particular individual ("Britney Spears's house") but maybe not to a collective entity ("the Spears' house")?? That would align with the Marine Corps example.

  4. When I replaced the head gaskets on my daughter's car I noted that the AC compressor wasn't working, so I took the front cover off and found a ton of corrosion inside. Today she came over and I installed a new compressor. Not a tough job, I had to take out the alternator first but that's a small inconvenience. When I started it up to test, the compressor clutch wouldn't engage, so nothing was getting pressurized. Did some research and found out that there's a safety on the system that keeps it the compressor from engaging unless there is refrigerant in the system. The R-134 has lube in it and without it the compressor could fail in fairly short order. You test the compressor clutch by pulling out the AC relay in the fuse box and jumping the pins with a piece of wire. I did that just long enough to confirm the new compressor does indeed engage when the switch is turned on. I was going to add the R-134 myself, but my brother talked me out of it because if you don't first evacuate the system completely and it has any contaminants in the lines it can plug up the condenser and then you have to replace that. After they evacuation the system they replace the filter in the dryer so it's not contaminated, then pressure test for leaks and replace O-rings if needed. After all that's done, then they add the refrigerant to the proper level. That's all going to run about $200, but I got a good deal on the compressor so she's still saving coin in the process and we can have more confidence that the job's done right.

  5. making a trip back to the Land o' Sky Blue Waters on Tuesday for a week with my parents. Regretfully, no time in the schedule for meet-ups or mini-caucii. 🙁

    1. We're there from Sunday 4th to Thursday, then to Tahoe. You around then?

      1. We fly back on the 7th. I am taking the 8th and 9th off, so if you are traveling east to Tahoe or west from Tahoe on or around, arrangements can be made!

            1. Bring some of those backyard Mission Figs so I can make fig-carmelizedonion-chevrecheese-arugala-balsalmicvinegar-oliveoil pizza.

              1. Heh.

                To answer your prior question, I am not quite halfway between Grand Rapids and International Falls (just north of Marcell).

    2. Regretfully, no time in the schedule for meet-ups or mini-caucii.

      Evergreen LTE

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