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2021 Game 78: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox

Bailey Ober
Dylan Cease

Closing in on 50% of the season finished so lets take a look at what the projections think for the final half of the season.

Pro-rated Record: 69 - 93 (+3 wins since last time)
Runs scored: 757 (+7 runs)
Runs allowed: 860 (+38 runs)
Pythag prediction: 71 - 91 (-4 wins)

Offense has picked up some but the pitching/fielding was much worse over the last 20 games. The pro-rating now expects the Twins to give up an additional 38 runs since I looked at this at the beginning of the month.

FanGraphs now projects 77 wins for the season, down two wins from last time. This still feels about right. If they win tonight, that will put the June winning percentage at .480 and above May's .448. Losing will drop it to .440.

Arraez - 2B
Donaldson - 3B
Larnach - LF
Cruz - DH
Kepler - RF
Kirilloff - 1B
Gordon - CF
Rortvedt - C
Simmons - SS

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