Friday Music Day – Bluegrass and High Hopes

We had some exciting musical news in the family recently. For many years my big brother Boe has been writing songs as a hobby and he's made a lot of friends and connections along the way. Well, one thing led to another and a couple of weeks ago he went to Nashville and signed a contract with bluegrass publisher Billy Blue Records for a song he wrote called Widow's Bridge. They'll be recording a demo soon and then start shopping it around to bands. No guarantees in the music business, of course, but he's pretty excited about it and I'm real happy for my big brother. So drop your lists, and if you have a favorite bluegrass tune to share, holler it out. I'm real partial to John Hartford's take on this classic, myself.

7 thoughts on “Friday Music Day – Bluegrass and High Hopes”

  1. He's been sharing that song with us (reluctantly; he's proud of it, sure, but he's just so unassuming all the time), and we're hoping it leads to good things for him.

  2. Looks like a friend of mine added this comment on FB:

    “Billie Strings - Dust in a Baggie”

    Not sure why he didn’t just post it here…

  3. Excited about my friend Doug Collins and the Receptionists recent studio activity. His Receptionists now feature two Gear Daddies--Billy Dankert, who has been drumming with Doug for a couple years now, and pedal steel player Randy Broughton. He'll have a lot of new material to choose from--he debuted (and performed) at least 30 new songs on FB during COVID. Some of them were pretty great. He turns a clever phrase and has a way with a melody. Fleshed out with a band they could be really swell.

  4. That's getting a check-out this weekend. Randy Broughten is great, he also played with the Cactus Blossoms.

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