20 thoughts on “July 16, 2021: Big Bux”

  1. From Rosenthal:

    The team’s latest offer to Buxton is in excess of the $70 million the Yankees awarded center fielder Aaron Hicks over a seven-year extension in Feb. 2019, sources said. Buxton, 27, likely will be dealt if he rejects the proposal, if not by the July 30 trade deadline — he currently is on the injured list with a fractured left hand — then this offseason.
    The Twins’ offer to Buxton includes escalators and incentives that would increase its potential value, sources say.

    1. An average of $10/year with some escalators for performance or durability seems like an acceptable level of risk for the Twins, but I wonder if it’s an appealing level of reward for Buxton.

      1. At some point the questions must be how much is enough, right? I know that I’d be tempted to try to maximize my earning potential, but with his injury record I’d take the money and run….. not into the wall.

          1. Was it Rocco who went down to Georgia to talk to Buck in person after all that manipulation stuff happened? I really hope that it helped clear the air.

  2. welp

      1. The Manfred 4-Pack: Three inning games, every inning starts with runners on 1st & 2nd, every plate appearance starts with count at 2-1, the little league-style big bases from the minors are used, and infield shifts are banned.

        1. Naturally, to give it that special Manfred flair, the Commissioner would instruct umpires wear Turn Ahead The Clock unis with ads featuring MLB sponsors like Equifax, Facebook, Monsanto, Cigna, Wells Fargo, Foxconn, Uber, BAE Systems, and Academi.

          1. Everyone who buys a ticket gets a special unique NFT of a photo of the their own face when they realize that they've purchased a ticket to a three inning game!

    1. Shoot, I was all set to watch the first game on TV. Now I’ll have to mow the lawn or do laundry or some stupid crap.

  3. I watched about five minutes of the USA/Australia Men's hoops exhibition replay from July 12 last night before I got bored. The US team is...not dominating (lost 91-83).

    Patty Mills scored 22 points and Australia held the U.S. without a field goal for the final 4:34 on the way to beating the Americans 91-83 on Monday night, dropping the three-time defending Olympic gold medalists to 0-2 in their five-game slate of exhibitions leading up to the Tokyo Games.
    Joe Ingles scored 17 points, Matisse Thybulle scored 12 and Chris Goulding had 11 for Australia.

    “We walked into this game expecting to win,” Ingles said.

    With good reason. Starting with the World Cup quarterfinals in China two years ago and then their two exhibitions in Vegas, the U.S. is 1-4 in its last five games with NBA players against international competition.

    Ouch. Trash-talked about Joe Ingles.

    Damian Lillard, Bradley Beal, Kevin Durant, Bam Adebayo, Jayson Tatum, Draymond Green.... Even without the services of Booker, Middleton and Holiday until after the NBA finals, this team should have plenty of firepower.

  4. MLB.tv is free all weekend, according to the marketing department, but blackout restrictions do apply, according to the legal department.

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