Game 92 – Twins at Tigers

That last game 82 didn't really go like the previous 6 or 7.  Time to move on to game 92 today with J.A. Happ taking on Wily Peralta.

Jorge Polanco in July - .269/.304/.462

He's doing the whole "no walks, but more power" thing that he does sometimes, this right after drawing 6 walks and having two extra base hits in the last 10 games in June.

Max Kepler in July - .297/.350/.703

Any split that has Kepler hitting almost .300 is pretty remarkable. This is including his 0 for 5 yesterday.

17 thoughts on “Game 92 – Twins at Tigers”

  1. Adding to the Baddoo discussion from yesterday--the fact is that, had the Twins kept him, he wouldn't have done for them what he's doing for Detroit, because the Twins wouldn't have started him in the majors. The wouldn't have put him ahead of Kirilloff or Larnach or even Rooker. He'd have started at AA, probably, and by now might be in AAA. The move to the Tigers, who had an open spot, was definitely good for him.

  2. Twins sending Happ back out for the seventh. Maybe they're trying to sell teams on him as an innings eater.

  3. Happ is done after seven innings and seven runs. At least Cory didn't say it was a good start.

      1. There's one I've never seen before today. They have a more complete highlight on, and it's clear that the umpires made the right call. It was a fair ball, right on the line.

          1. Preaching to the choir. I also would have liked to have been the ump telling Rojas to watch the replay a half dozen times and then enjoy paying the fine. If you're going to get indignant, make sure you have a leg to stand on

            1. yeah, it's hard to see from the clip i posted, but if you're the pitcher that saw it in front of your face, you finish the play.

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