July 18, 2021: Technical Difficulties

As mentioned earlier, we have a new podcast in the pipeline. However, said pipeline has had some expected and weird unexpected delays.

We'll get it to you soon(?), folks!

8 thoughts on “July 18, 2021: Technical Difficulties”

  1. Minor Details, covering yesterday's games, has been posted.

    In today's action so far:

    St. Paul trails Columbus 4-0 in the fourth. Andrew Albers has been charged with all four runs.
    Wichita trails Tulsa 9-1 in the seventh. Adam Lau surrendered five runs in one inning of relief.
    Cedar Rapids leads South Bend 12-3 in the sixth. The Kernels scored eight in the fourth. Edouard Julien hit a grand slam.
    Fort Myers lost to Jupiter 8-2. The Hammerheads scored four in the first inning. Zarion Sharpe pitched fairly well after the first inning, but his totals are five runs in six innings.

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