13 thoughts on “July 21, 2021: Greek Freak”

  1. Minor Details has been posted. After today, the feature will be taking a couple of weeks off. I leave this afternoon to go to the funeral of Mrs. A's aunt in Moorhead. I'll be back for the weekend, but then will leave Monday for ten days of vacation time. If someone else wants to do some reporting on the minors here, that is certainly fine with me. If not, Twins Daily usually has good content on the minor leagues. If all goes well, I'll be back sometime August 4.

  2. Just realized that a bunch of Olympic sports that are usually carried on the NBC Universal backwater channels will be scuttled off to Peacock streaming which I dont have

    1. We went through finding what sports we and we all wanted to watch, and at least some of the ones on Peacock said they were available with a free account. So, you may not be completely out of luck for those at least.

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