26 thoughts on “July 22, 2021: Leader Of Men”

  1. watched the last two innings of Giants-Doggers last night. Got to taunt the Boy for not being able to see Wilmer Flores' game-winning, 2-run shot off of Kenley Jansen (his first career hit off of Jansen; previously, 0-8). Pity the LA residents who can't watch Dodgers' games (or, more importantly for him, get blacked out of Giants' games at LA) Because Cash Grab.

  2. NFL ain't messing around regarding unvaxxed players.

    Read the entire thread if interested but no rescheduled games due to a COVID outbreak on a team. It will be a forfeit and a loss. Neither team will get paid for that game and the NFL and other teams can get financial compensation from the team that has the outbreak.

    1. I'm wondering how long it will take insurance companies to bump up premiums for unvaccinated people like they do with tobacco users. Market solutions and all that jazz.

      1. that's for life insurance, primarily, no?

        there are pretty significant limitations on risk rating in group health insurance, I think. And under Obamacare, the individual market (in the exchanges anyway) is fairly confined to doing mostly community rating on a handful of criteria.

  3. speaking of leaders of men:

    FZ SelectShow
      1. Heading to the Rays. He has a bobblehead night on July 26.

          1. Somehow Faucher will have the most career WAR of that quartet from today forward

          2. Two Triple A starters? Isn't that what's wrong with our starting rotation now?


        1. Just looking at their stat lines, both Ryan and Strotman look pretty good to me.

  4. Went to stay with friends in So. Lake Tahoe last week. The house was full (11) with our Italy hiking group - every night dinner was made by a different set of people (elk burgers, shrimp and grits, grilled steak and vegetables, Ramen night (me), Mackinaw fish from Lake Tahoe, halibut...). Nice to not eat out as there were a lot of people in town for a Celebrity golf event.
    Did some kayaking, boating, sailing, swimming, hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The place is beautiful. My buddy tells me the place is a nightmare though, when there are nearby forest fires and the basin fills up with smoke. The Tamarack fire is now burning south of Lake Tahoe...

    1. Yea, it's a bowl.

      But a beautiful one. Glad you had a great time. Next time, fly through Sactown. 😀

  5. The good doctor and I have made 15 laps around the sun according to the government today. Really great dinner with great friends before the delta variant takes over in south Louisiana

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