2021 Game 103: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins

Wily Peralta
J.A. Happ

This will be the week of last starts for some Twins' pitchers. Unfortunately (fortunately?) the only relief the Twins will get in return for Happ will be a replacement level pitcher from St. Paul that won't be as bad.

49 thoughts on “2021 Game 103: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins”

  1. Can the Twins DFA Happ and get a replacement from St. Paul for the rest of the game?

    1. Apparently, it's the first time that the Twins have had two different catchers hit grand slams in an entire season.

      1. I think they should make this the goal for the remainder of the season.

        Position switches to put the fifth or sixth batter of the next inning in the catcher's gear each time.

        If we can't win at regular baseball, we should start playing a different game.

  2. If Sano get one more at bat, maybe he can clear the LF grandstand all together.

  3. The Twins have six home runs while the Tigers have zero. Twins had their first not-home run extra base in the eighth.

  4. Jeffers is now due up fifth. Three get on base, maybe four to score a run, and then all set for another catcher grand slam.

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