41 thoughts on “July 30, 2021: Hot Stuff”

    1. Beat me to posting it.

      He feels an over-reliance on analytics got him away from how he has been successful in the past, which is to work up and down in the strike zone and change speeds.

      “If I blame anybody I blame myself,” he said, “because I’m the one who did it. I could have said no. Analytics can’t quantify someone’s heart in competition. Knowing what makes me feel good mentally and physically on the mound, to the point where, ‘Hey, I’m going to dominate you guys.’ That’s pitching.’’

    2. And there’s this gem:

      If he’s not traded, Shoemaker would welcome a return to the Twins if they called him up this season, and he doesn’t rule out signing with them for next season if the Twins are interested.

      “I really like the Twins organization,” he said. “The guys up top, the staff, that’s where it’s tough, because I really do like this organization.”

    1. Made me laugh out loud

      “I’ve tried to get Mom to hide his iPad on big sports news days,” said Ryan. “She won’t do it because it keeps him from bothering her about the coffee being too strong or speculating that the kids playing in the park down the street are Antifa. I guess I understand, but geez Louise.”

  1. I've loved following Berrios' career - from the moment he was drafted. That video still gives me the feels. But I'm finding that I'm less sad about this than I was the Santana trade. That one still grieves me, for some reason. I wish the best for Berrios and I hope he gets paid when free agency comes. And I hope that whoever the Twins get back helps them start a new youth movement - I want something like the 2001 get to know 'em bunch again. Let's get back to fun, team baseball.

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