28 thoughts on “August 3, 2021: Zimmer Of Hope”

  1. DJ Soul Sister was the first to require proof of vax to go to her dance parties in New Orleans which got me to thinking about how society has placed the responsibility to enforce good behavior on artists who have the most to lose. After she stuck her neck out and didn't get (too) much negative feedback a bunch of other clubs including Tipitina's, D.B.A., and the Maple Leaf all jumped on board requiring proof of vax to see shows. Very frustrating that we need artists and entertainers to carry the burden because a bunch of politicians either lack the will to do what is right or are willfully, nearly criminally ignorant of fact.

    1. There are a lot of companies taking pandemic or climate change initiative when any useful political measures are spinning their wheels -- at least when government doesn't take draconian measures forbidding such action (I'm looking at you, Head Florida Man).

        1. Actually, regardless of who's in power, companies are already bowing to pressure from the public/stockholders/courts, and electric vehicles/renewable energy power is happening whether government policies help out or not.

  2. I am #teamchaos when it comes to the Vikings, so I am eating this up like chocolate pudding.

    1. Am I on #teamchaos or #teamletdown? Probably the latter. There is a part of me that would be a little disappointed if the Vikings somehow won the Super Bowl. Don't get me wrong, I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon as soon as the gun is sounded signaling the end of the game, but their identity of never being able to win the Big One (a term that has been defined down in recent decades) is something that I'd hate to see go. But yes, I'd enjoy seeing them win, for the most part.

  3. Had a funeral yesterday for a good friend from college who lost the battle with post-partum depression. Hug your loved ones tight, y'all.

    She was one of just 15 students in our first year symposium class, designed to make the transition to college successful, build an immediate network, etc. We had an amazing professor and a really spectacular collection of students - all quite different from each other, but it a combination that really worked. I'm still in touch with most of that group, at least somewhat, and 6 of us (plus the professor) were at the funeral yesterday.

    Got to see a good number of other friends who I haven't seen in a decade or more - it was remarkable how much everyone reminded me of themselves. Speech patterns and such still familiar after so much time. It was nice to be around that group. Too bad that it took that circumstance for it to happen.

    1. so sorry for your loss, and her/her family's loss. Depression can be really serious business.

      A couple of years after we moved back to California, we learned that the wife of our mohel (a surgeon who did the mohel stuff as a service to the jewish community) had similarly lost that battle, tragically taking one or both of their kids with her. These stories are rare, and still all too frequent.

  4. Such a sad sentence:

    Acquired from the Twins for Jake Cave in March 2018, Gil has since developed into one of the more promising young arms in the organization.

  5. Man, I can't wait until the airlines get back to reasonable flight times / connections. Trying to find a business flight that meets company guidelines that also doesn't leave so early that I can't get most of a day's work in, and doesn't connect through Houston or Charlotte...it's a challenge. Give me the good ol' days of three non-stop flights a day. #YeahIKnowFirstWorldProblems

  6. Shoemaker released.

  7. Ricky.

    Rubio played as if he knew this might be one of his last chances against the Americans, displaying relentless aggression right out of the gate. He attacked and probed for shots all game, even against the stout defense of Jrue Holiday, and repeatedly got free to finish in the lane.

    It was a masterful performance. Rubio finished with 38 points on 13-of-20 shooting, the most points ever against Team USA in the Olympics or any other major event. It broke Dirk Nowitzki's mark of 34 points for Germany against the U.S. in the 2002 world championship.

        1. Same here. I know Ricky started slow last year and at times looked like he might even be washed. Still, he finished strong and had a great rapport with the Superstar-in-Training Ant. Taurean Prince is not gonna move the needle.

          As is the case with Rubio on other team's rosters, I'll now be keeping an eye on the Cavs and wishing the best for them and Ricky.

          1. The only thing that makes sense of of that deal leads to another one. Either by using the $ to bring in another veteran or another trade.

            Or Glen wanted the $ in his pocket since they didn't have a second round pick to sell.

  8. Technically I am an old man now.

    Latino dudes were out on our street doing mowing and leaf blowing, and I walked down the street and pointed at my watch (which I was not wearing).. At any rate it was well north of 7 bells and I thot it was too late to be making that much noise. I was in the right, right?

    Dude walks over and apologizes for the late mowing/blowing, several excuses, etc.. I said OK but wanted to appear recalcitrant.

      1. Everybody's getting squeezed these days and we usually don't know the story. I've mowed at dusk. (Related, we had a neighbor when I was young who would pull out the riding mower after dark. We called him the Night Rider. I have more sympathy for it now.)

        I'm amused, though, by NBB going full GOYL. Ha!

        1. We had a neighbor who got a headlight for his riding lawnmower, so he could still run it after dark, or sometimes before sunrise (which I think is much worse than doing it too late).

          I think any power tools from 8 am to 8 pm is definitely fine. 7-8 am and 8-9 pm is acceptable occasionally, but not ideal. Though I will admit to using a tile saw outside around 10 pm (on a weekend) once when in a pinch.

    1. I'd give anyone until 9 p.m., easy. 10 occassionally. People are busy. There's no reason I can't put up with a bit of noise so that someone else can actually get something done. If it's constant, that's a different story, but mostly I think we all gotta be easier on each other, and way more tolerant.

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